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By zasmine

i can't let you go

By: zasmineOctober 18, 2016

you are sweet as a flower and smell 

like roses  when i 

look at you i can't let you go 

you make me laugh 

everyday so sweetheart tell me the truth

do i make your day when 

i look into your eyes they sparkle like the 

midnight sky 

so i love you everyday

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I am judged

By: johnceanrulzsDecember 5, 2013

I am judged because I date outside of my race 

I am judged because I'm not skinny 

I am judged because I am different 

I am judged because I love vampires 

I am judged because I'm gothic 

I am judged because I am a writer 

I am Judged because I speak

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Would you rather

By: Yami-Victor-YugiOctober 18, 2016

Hello, my name is Yami, and I decided to do a Would You Rather post as Elodie used to.

Would you rather steal a heart from a hospital or steal gold from Fort Knox?

Would you rather have a pet hummingbird or a pet mouse?

Would you

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By zasmine


By: zasmineOctober 18, 2016

it has good and bad 

quality. it brings hope and 

despair for us all.

it brings life to thing every where 

but also brings death that 

causes sorrow 

that we all share it's the cycle

of life and in this world life is not fair.

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By zasmine

bright light

By: zasmineOctober 18, 2016

as i walked down the street 

i seen a light 

bright light flashing 

across the street

light light i can see now 

blessed be now 

you help people see and you 

make your mark in the world 

no one will ever forget you bright light

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By zasmine

dark night

By: zasmineOctober 12, 2016

turn off the light 

i don't want to see i want to be in the midnight stream 

i want to scream and greeve i want 

to be alone and watch you bleed i want to cry all night 

long and watch a messed  up tv and when i wake

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By zasmine

you are the only one i love

By: zasmineOctober 12, 2016

i wake up in the morning and freeze to death 

brush my teeth and hold my breath 

you caught me on every word

you are the only one i love when i am in a bad mood 

you cheer me up 

but baby would you keep this up 


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Retro SparkLife: Other Things We Could Revive

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 21, 2016

Disclaimer: The phrase “Retro SparkLife” was taken from a post by gotstagecrew.

Recently, I brought back Writer Wars in the Sparkler Posts, and Yami-Victor-Yugi brought back Would You Rather. I think

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