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By: levackkidJuly 18, 2014

My boyfriend, Lee, and I have created this, erm, tradition (for lack of a better word), in which we write each other a poem before one of us leaves for somewhere.  Tonight, he leaves for the second half of his Drum Corps tour, so I

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A Sparkler's Cockatiel Wants In On The Action

By: rach_da_crazyJuly 19, 2014

G'day, mates, or whatever the Aussies are supposed to say. I'm the great Pussyfoot Cupcup, fine specimen of birdkind, winged diva of-

Get on with it, Cocky. Haven't got all day.

Oh, as you wish, Rach. So' I'm Rach's cockatiel, and I love the Sparkledom and its

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7 Doctor Who Quotes to Live By

By: XxBADWOLFxXJuly 10, 2014

    Many people may see Doctor who as just a silly TV show, and a waste of time. Nothing but a made up show about fighting aliens, time travel, and has characters whom you get emotionally attached too then there just gone. But in reality

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Blogging Doctor Who: Bad Wolf

By: FurnunculusJuly 10, 2014

Hello and welcome to the third part of Blogging Doctor Who. This episode, Bad Wolf, was requested by CeciliaCordelia aka Cece. Enjoy!

  1. What the..?
  2. What house? Like a reality show?
  3. I KNEW IT!
  4. This seems like a futuristic version of the 80's.
  5. Oh, there's Rose.
  7. Where
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By: MuffinsWillRuleTheWorldJuly 19, 2014

I like your words.


The way they trip off your tongue,

And cross the space between us.

The way they fill my lungs,

And whisper in my ear.


They're quiet and fluttering,

Like butterflies and a heartbeat.

They're soft and warm,

Like the beach under my feet.



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I think about love to much

By: soccer2rules<333July 13, 2014

I think about love to much, 

I imagine potential dates I could go on to much 

I imagine a guy putting his arms round me to much 

I worry about being forever alone to much 

I love to much 

I hope about me finding love every day to

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How To Get Sherlock Rabies

By: CosetteHolmesOfArendelleJuly 11, 2014

A common complaint on the OT is that BBC's Sherlock is a wonderful show, but the fandom is too rabid. Well I say that you can't judge something before you experience it, so we are going to give all of you with Sherlock fever a

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Beautiful handwriting... a forgotten art?

By: Ds9freakJuly 11, 2014

Handwriting. A definition that has noticibly changed from the Jane Austen era (and before) to now. During her era, handwriting was everything. It quickly determined if you were educated or not, it determined the social class you were in, and it even determined what gender

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