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The Land of What-Was, and the Land of the Soon-Forgotten

By: gotstagecrewMarch 16, 2015

I walked to the end of the path, journal in hand. Tears rolled down my face. I was careful to wipe them so they didn’t land on the book. I got to the end of the path and climbed to the

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An Open Letter to my Best Friend's Ex

By: whitewingedwolfMarch 4, 2015

Dear Darcy,

I tried to be nice. You were my friend, too. I thought we could keep it that way. but dude, you have some serious issues. Just because you have a stupid, thoughtless job where you can text all the time doesn't mean that everyone

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NBK O&P: Either She's my Soulmate or this is a Tragic Straight Girl Crush

By: Winter_MoonlightMarch 1, 2015

            The two-week timetable for this installment was made without the consideration of biochemistry. The next two-week interval will put me in the middle of finals, and the week after that I will be in a distant land where I may

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A Diary

By: CrataegusMarch 28, 2015

I was 14 back then. I was very insecure and started applying lots of powder and mascara in order to deem myself pretty enough for boys. I wanted to be noticed. That’s my reason why I started to use make-up so young. I was not

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The Promises I Make to My Friends, Sister and All Y'all

By: jennyformooseMarch 13, 2015

1. I promise to listen to you whenever you need someone to talk to.

I know life is hard. I know. I'm older than some, younger than some and the same age as some. But I know life is hard. Sometimes, you just want to throw

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By: IridescentDreamerMarch 4, 2015

"You haven't changed at all!"

"You haven't either," I lie.


You grew a few inches

So did your hair

And I could see it

When we sat down to chat

In the little street-side café

I sat across from you

I hoped our conversation would be like

The ones at our sleepovers

We used to

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Stream of Thought

By: Apples789February 25, 2015

Well, here I am stuck at my brother's college, with limited internet access (email and Sparknotes are not allowed). So I am going to do some stream of thought writing. College life looks so different and yet so similar to high school. The level of

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