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By: marscrystal42April 7, 2014

Because I know you read these things. I know you comment on a few. But you've ignored Soccer's request. I'm here to request again, and even if you give a straight up "NO!" and run away laughing, at least I'll know someone read this.

Is there

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By: XxBADWOLFxXApril 11, 2014

I may be new to Sparklife

And don't know all the ropes

But yet I feel so welcomed

It's like a second home

You've given me a chance

To be the real me

I know you'll never judge me

But love me for me

I've meet so many great people

You make my day

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How to Have a Win in the Dating World

By: TanTanTheLadiesManApril 7, 2014

This weekend, as I sat all by myself at home and watched reruns of Full House, my mind began to wander to all of the wonderful experiences I’ve had in courtship.

I reflected back on the three dates I’ve ever been on in my whole life

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NBK O&P: There's a Girl (and Moral Dilemmas)

By: Winter_MoonlightApril 12, 2014

                I'm a week late again, which means that I'm writing this almost a month after the fact.  For my privacy, that's probably best.  It started week 10 of the quarter (the last week before finals for those not

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An Open Letter to my Emotions

By: Mobbo_Potato_Bacon_YayApril 9, 2014

Hello emotions,

You guys are great. You let me feel things I love, allow me to connect with people I love. But you are multi-faceted, and there is one of you I don't appreciate. The one that makes me feel like I am shrouded in darkness,

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By: soccer2rules<333April 10, 2014

Mom I really miss you.

Sometimes I fear I forget the sound of your voice,

the brightness of your smile.

I haven't seen a rainbow in a while.

You said a rainbow was a sign that you were here,

Then where are you because the skies always so clear..

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A Day in the Life of a Procrastinator

By: MuffinsWillRuleTheWorldApril 17, 2014

1:00 p.m. I have a test tomorrow. At ten in the morning. That leaves me with – *counts on fingers* – twenty one hours. Or is it twenty two? Oh you know what? Who cares? It’s not like I have a math test tomorrow. *snort*

1:16 p.m.

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The Bookkeeper's Sky

By: whitewingedwolfApril 12, 2014

            The young castle bookkeeper hoards secrets.  People come to the library and think that the silence meant solitude.  They never notice her tiptoeing between the shelves with a stack of books... More  →