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I Sold My Heart on Ebay: A Poem

By: DanniRoseApril 25, 2016

I sold my heart on Ebay, it's a little beaten down

There are scars across the surface, and some that go deep down

I've tried a little duct tape, a bandage, and some glue

Unfortunately, it's not quite beating the way it used to.


I sold my heart on

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Finals Have Broken Me

By: bookscrazygirlMay 22, 2016

Twas' a month before finals

I thought "I have a month left-

Why study now?"

Such energy, such strength gone

As now, I write poetry

To avoid the textbooks.


 Why, oh why must I study

A whole year's worth of material in

Just one week


Why, oh why do I need to know

About cellular

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I'm A Writer Who Can't Write

By: bookscrazygirlMay 21, 2016

I am like an opposite writer. Most writers have idea block and then the words just flow. I have an endless stream of ideas, but I'm afraid to write them down.

I can't write down any of my ideas, because I know it won't be nearly

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YA Fiction Needs to Be Taken More Seriously

By: DanniRoseApril 19, 2016

Throughout my educational career, I have always loved to read. I began reading in kindergarten, as most people do, and since then my love for books and other literature has only grown. By the end of 1st grade, I was reading at a 6th grade

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My Dear Mercutio

By: terrifyingtoasterMay 31, 2016

I know I cannot abide their selfish law

To keep me from that angelic smile

Is to starve me from the rations of God


I have a crush on the guy that played Mercutio in the school play, Romeo and Juliet. So that explains the title

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The Ladder

By: AutumnMooncakesMay 30, 2016

A fact well-known among fairy folk, but unknown to most mortals, that there is a hierarchy within fairy-land.

We know about the higher-ranking ones: dryads, pixies, nymphs.

But have you ever heard of an ellylbn, a feeorin, or a gandharva? Precisely.

It is for this reason that some

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Epilogues: Are They Necessary?

By: AutumnMooncakesMay 18, 2016

What do The Hunger Games, the Trylle trilogy, The Age of Innocence and Harry Potter have in common? They all end with probably-unnecessary epilogues.


It’s all very nice to show what the main characters are doing several years in the future, but must we really see

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