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I Guess This Is Goodbye

By: Wendelin_the_WeirdMay 1, 2016

Hey, Sparklers/OTers/supermegafoxyawesome sparklebutts

I’m writing this because I’m probably going to go on a long-term OT break pretty soon. I start my first real job this summer, and that combined with various other adult-type responsibilities means I might not have very much time for the OT.


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I Sold My Heart on Ebay: A Poem

By: DanniRoseApril 25, 2016

I sold my heart on Ebay, it's a little beaten down

There are scars across the surface, and some that go deep down

I've tried a little duct tape, a bandage, and some glue

Unfortunately, it's not quite beating the way it used to.


I sold my heart on

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The First Kiss

By: seasickdolphinMay 2, 2016

Have you 

ever been

on a rollercoaster

And you are waiting




if it will be

as wonderful as

you had hoped

And then


you are in the seat

and the man snaps you into the chair

and there is no turning back

and you are moving






and then you are at

the pinnacle of ou expectations

and for half

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My Feelings In A Song

By: staarxxmarieeApril 21, 2016

I got ice in my veins,

Blood in my eyes.

Hate in my heart.

Love on my mind.

I've seen nights full of pain,

The days are the same.

You keep the sunshine,

Save me the rain.

I search but never find,

Hurt but never cry.

i work and

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Sociopaths are Human too... (Even if we don't believe it ourselves)

By: APolarBearApril 11, 2016

Hi! I'm Austin and I'm a sociopath. Recently, I've realized no one around me knows what a psychopath is, and then after learning, they look at me like I'm Charles Manson... I was curious what they found out, so I went to Google and simply

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Overcoming Writers' Block
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Defeating Our Worst Enemy: WRITER'S BLOCK

By: JaydeAvalonApril 6, 2016

All writers raise your hand!


Okaaay...nevermind that.

Anyway, being a writer, I know Writers' Block like I know all 5 of my younger siblings, one of whom is a dog. That horrid invisible force that causes writers' brains to fart the world over CAN BE STOPPED!

How? Easy!

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Just One Person

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 26, 2014

Broken, I have wandered from region to region, always searching for something I could not find. My mind was weary with images of smoke, swords, corpses.

I was the sole survivor of a war that had annihilated my people.

I told few about my past. Those who

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Stages of Writing a Writer Wars Story

By: AutumnMooncakesMay 5, 2016
  1. Excitedly read the prompt.
  2. Have a really, really, long think about what to write.
  3. Write a little, then stop.
  4. Start to write an alternative story.
  5. Write and almost finish the story.
  6. Realize that my story no longer fits the prompt.
  7. Do steps 4 and 5 again, except with a story that
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