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Hello! I'm Parker and I like movies, so I decided that I will dedicate most of my Sparkler posts to reviewing movies as sort of a way to tell you whether or not it is worth it to spend your hard-earned money on them.

First up:

Venom -2018-

This movie is directed by Ruben Fleischer. While I am not familiar with his work, I'm not planning to. Here's why:


The movie has many, many flaws. I might spoil a little bit but honestly, even if I did, it wouldn't lessen the experience, or lack of it...

There is one scene where the main dude (I forget his name) breaks into the bio-facility or whatever you want to call it. He finds one of his homeless friends being tested on in there and tries to break her out. He does but then the weird, Venom alien-thing latches onto him and then he runs and then just... escapes? You mean to tell me that in this high-tech, extremely top-secret science facilty where you are keeping literal aliens that there are NO SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS ANYWHERE AT ALL?

That bothered me, but that alone does not make the movie bad. Tons of stuff goes unexplained and most of it does not even make sense. In the beginning of the movie we find the main character has a girlfriend, then he goes to his job and is assigned to interview the science dude in charge of the bio-facility about his rockets or whatever. He does, but then things happen and he ends up getting himself and his girlfriend fired, and then they break up. The thing is, they didn't even build up and emotional connection to their relationship enough to make anyone care. The whole romance aspect of this movie just seems so sloppily mashed into this film.

I have to say, the one thing I actually enjoyed about this movie was the Venom voice inside the dude's head. They actually got a few jokes out of it that made me laugh.

Anyway, the relationship between the dude and Venom is very strange. At first Venom is all like, "You're gonna do what I say and maybe you won't get eaten cause we're gonna get on a rocket and bring back millions of other Venom alien things." But then, somewhere in the middle he's like, "Oh, I like humans now, let's stop this rocket from bringing back all the Venom things."

The ONLY explanation given to the sudden change in Venom's mindset about humans is he says, "You made me change my mind." (Or something like that) Then he turns into this hero (which also doesn't make sense the trailer literally said "The world has enough heroes" but then they made it a superhero movie anyway?) and they save the day.

There are a couple of other things that bothered me about this movie, but I got all the main points I wanted to put in here so here's my official rating (which will be out of 10):


 If you don't agree, tell me why below!

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