The Crimes of Grindelwald - Movie Review

Hey, before I start this review, I just wanted to say that I am not a Harry Potter fan. By that I mean that I never got into the fandom. I mean, I read three of the books but then got bored and I have seen almost all of the movies, but that's as far I went.


So first let me start off by saying, when I juxtapose the first movie from the second, this second movie is much more visually compelling. The new beasts we are introduced to are interesting and pretty. And the new places we are introduced to are aesthetically pleasing.

Let me follow that paragraph with that this movie is convoluted as heck. The entire second half is just a cesspool of subplots and shoddy storytelling. So much is just packed into this film that it seems to have a hard time untangling it all. I mean, they try, but this movie could have been so much more if they just organized and paced it better.

They plan at least three more movies for the "Fantastic Beasts" franchise, so they have three more chances to get it right.

I didn't have much to say about this movie, and I think I got my main point across so...


If you don't agree... tell me why!

Also, if you want your favorite movie reviewed by me, leave it in the comments. No one has commented anything much so there is an extremely high chance that I will lol.





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