My Favorite Gory Anime

This is my second time typing this entire thing so you'd better appreciate this.

For the most part, gory/violent anime is sometimes good. I have seen plenty of times a promising story bogged down by an excess of blood and guts.

Compiled here are exceptions to this.

Listed from "least violent" to "scar for life", here is what I think are the best violent anime shows for you to watch.

Please note that some of these may be 18+


Attack on Titan - We're starting off easy. You most likely have already seen this show. I'm including it because it might be overrated but it's still a good show that is pretty violent. Don't think that just because this show is listed first that I'm only going to have generic anime listed here.

Parasyte: the maxim - Honestly, I didn't finish it. I watched half of the first season but what I saw was pretty good. It's about these things called "parasytes" that take over human hosts and then eat other humans. And the grotesque contortions to their hosts to use as weapons make me cringe and make the show a bit more enjoyable.


Devilman: crybaby - This show is good all-around. A good story, fantastic OST, and one of the best English dubs I've heard in awhile. Also, the animation style is the best thing in existence. It has a sort of a Spiderman plotline where this weak kid gets superpowers, except the spider in this story is a demon that turns the weak kid 10x hotter and gives him the ability to run faster and weirder-looking. He can also turn into a beast named "Devilman" and kill other demons. It's not as violent as I thought it would be (though it still is) but it is definitely not for younger eyes.

Deadman Wonderland - The ending sucks but everything before it is pretty good. It's about this kid who is accused of murdering his classmates and is sentenced to capital punishment at this twisted amusement park run by the prisoners. They are used primarily for entertainment. In the middle, superpowers are thrown in for some reason but it's pretty cool I guess.


Elfen Lied - Oh boy... this anime is  one the first I've seen (I was probably 11 or 12) and it was probably a mistake. Though it did end up as one of my favorites, this show is the most gory I've seen so far. But not only is it gory... It's actually great. It's about this girl with telekinetic powers named Lucy. She is basically a murderous psychopath who manages to escape the facility she's been kept in. Sustaining a head injury, her personality is split between innocent "Nyu" and of course, her more murderous side. After each episode, this show had my heart pounding, so... uhh.. yeah. Not for the faint of heart.

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