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Baby Driver -2017-

This is an Edgar Wright directed movie.

Edgar Wright is the man behind the Cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End) and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Any of these movies are worthy of your viewing and Baby Driver is no exception.

It Wright's first attempt at a crime thriller and he does it fantastically. He incorporates his own signature style into a story that is familiar to us, but he makes it seem fresh and original.

The greatest aspect of this movie is how music plays a part. Every scene in the film has its own rhythm to it. Every movement and action is more or less a choreographed dance. It's set so that everything is synced up to the movie. The entire soundtrack is not original, but is meticulously thought out to fit within the movie. The first two scenes are probably the most impressive. Everything is subetly introduced and we pretty much know everything everything we need to with minimal spoken words within the first ten minutes.

The actors and actresses play their respective parts amazingly (though Jamie Foxx didn't come across as the mentally broken gangster he was trying to be). Ansel Elgort really shines to the point where I could not think of anyone better to play his role. Kevin Spacey doesn't play anything new but he does well and (my favorite) Jon Hamm's character is played phenomonally.

The cinematography here is exceptional. The second scene is great example of that. It's one, entire 4-minute shot perfectly choreographed to "Harlem Shuffle". There are also some practically filmed shots here and there that add so much to the movie. During the first car chase, it's shot deliberately in way where we spend as much time in the car as we do out. And every cut is in time to the music, along with everything else.

There is not a lot I have to complain about this movie, but here it is:

There is a scene in a diner that just seems kind of generic and underracted (Jamie Foxx breaks the ice and brings it back though)

The ending is a tad confusing.

That's it.

Edgar Wright (my favorite director) really shines in this movie. Fun fact: he apparently had this movie in his head for over two decades. The first song in this movie is apparently one of his favorites and he always pictured a car chase to it.

You can tell that this movie has been thought through for over twenty years.

Believe me, I put a lot of research into this movie to the point where I could write an entire essay.

Weighing all the things this movie has to offer, I'm totally comfortable with my official rating:



If you don't agree (how dare you) tell my why below!

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