A Song List for Studying

I going to take the subject matter of my posts to the music I like and tell you how it might benefit you!

It feels better to  expand your horizons. I mean if we juxtapose each other's taste in music, mine is obviously superior. While your sitting on your bed, couch, or nest of fiberglass suffering from ennui, I'm here to help! These songs can make you forget about your miserable existence and bring you into the sweet satisfaction called life. Forget about the TRASH artists that make X's ghost sound like a 5-star symphony while I hit you with a neato frito, fresh-outta-the-oven, coolio julio song list.


(I put on an arrogant demeanor to mask my crippling depression.)

Let's get started!

joji - thom

joji - slow dancing in the dark

joji - yeah right

cavetown - talk to me

cavetown - poison

chloe moriondo - exhausted

chloe moriondo - spaceland

joji - demons

twenty one pilots - isle of flightless birds

twenty one pilots - pet cheetah

twenty one pilots - kitchen sink

twenty one pilots - addict with a pen

joji - demons (lapalux remix)

cavetown - deviltown

p!atd - roaring 20's

p!atd - the good, the bad, and the dirty

p!atd - la devotee


my taste in music (is your face) remains pretty much the same and i am extremely faithful to these artists. give em a listen and i would love to hear other people's thoughts.

and you give me suggestions! please i love hearing new stuff. 


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