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Touched by an Angel: My story

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Touched by an Angel: My story

Alright, y'all. Since so many of you have such great first kiss stories, I've decided to share mine. 

It all started in eighth grade. I was single. I was happy. And we had the sweetest bunch of Greyhounds in the whole wide world. 

Oh, how naive I was. 

In about mid-November, everything went to hell when I was left in charge of the dogs until my mom got home. That night, through a difficult series of events, one of our dogs, Donnie, was killed in a fight between the other two. And I had blamed myself. For an entire year, I was not happy, and I felt numb. Flash-forward a year. 

I am a freshmen in high school. And I am going with my Youth Group in November to Thousand Oaks for a retreat. Little did I know what woould happen during that weekend. 

I was just sitting in a little seminar on a band that played there. Q and A, that sort of thing. Then, all of a sudden, the most striking girl I'd ever seen in my short life walked in. I said hi in a nervous manner, and she returned the favor. Later that evening though, she asked me to sit next to her in Church. I'd never had that happen before. Ever.

And then, the impossible happened. She asked ME out to the carnival that evening. I was gobsmacked, to say the least. I'd never met anyone like her. Ever. 

Rose. She was my first kiss.

It was a goodbye kiss.

Most of my friends think that we were smooching up a storm during the carnival, but the first time we kissed was to say goodbye. 

I know it doesn't seem that amazing, but she did something that I hadn't been able to do for a year: be happy. 

Her last name was italian for angel. And you all know I believe in nothing being a coincidence. 

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