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Procrastination Sonnet

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Procrastination Sonnet

I find sonnets to be the easiest form of poetry to write. So I wrote one for Procrastination:

Procrastinatin is the way I roll

Which is bad, and something that I should change. 

But doing things on time seems rather dull,

And not within my abilities' range. 

I want enjoyment and relaxation

Which basically means that I am lazy.

I need a good source of motivation,

'Cause doing work for naught just seems crazy.

Maybe this simply is the way I am

And something I need to learn to work past.

But irritation, which makes me go "Damn!"

Ensures procrastination times are vast.

If elves would just do my homework for me,

From anxious, guilty thoughts I would be free!


Gaaahhhhhh, make it stop.

Tags: poetry, procrastination

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