vulnerability in parents

I wrote this when I was getting my hair done. Please excuse any grammatical errors in it.


From the minute you were born, there was always a strong dependence on parents for care, strength, protection. So when life gets tough and we no longer  see these qualities in them, or the qualities are covered by fear and panic, it is slightly unsettling to the young child. This can happen in times of grief, sickness, or separation. In my instance, it involved frequent hospital trips and the unknown of what was really wrong with me, their daughter. We'll skip the details, but there is a certain power that comes in some of those affected by similar situations. Through movies and others experiences, I can conclude that when this vulnerability arises in parents, the children sometimes have to be the strong ones for the family. As the person going through treatment and trials, I had to keep my emotion within and pretend everything was okay, I had to conceal this pain, I had to show strength for my parents. Well I didn't have to but I wanted to. We couldn't live with the entire household being fearful. Who would protect the home? Who would keep us sane? Being the least dramatic person, it was my duty to stay strong. Vulnerability and strength is relative like yin and yang and I appreciate my parents for being strong for the 17 years of my life and continuing to be strong for the future even if it is covered by the demons of life at times.


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