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Living at home v.s Living in a dorm


College is a major transition for most kids into adult life. They will be expected to handle adult responsibilities like doing their own chores and paying their own bills, and they must also be able to handle the academic workload that college will give them. When choosing whether a student would like to live at home or in a college dorm, she must choose one where she will feel the most comfortable transitioning to adult life and will have an easier time focusing on academics.Though they both provide a good environment for kids to transition into adult life, living at home and living in a dorm differ in privacy and social life .

Living at home and living in a dorm differ greatly in the amount of privacy one has at either one. If a student lives in a dorm, they will likely get assigned a roomate, and if a student lives at home, it is just their family with whom they’re living. If a student lives in a dorm, they will likely get assigned a roommate they don’t know, and they don’t know what their roommate is like, so it’s possible one might get someone whose personality or habits are different from their own. If somebody lives at home, they will be living with their family, whom they’ve known for their whole life, and they know what to expect from their family. People usually feel more comfortable around their family, since they are more familiar with them. Also, if a student lives in a dorm, they will likely have to use more public facilities, such as bathrooms, eating in cafeterias, and laundry rooms, and they’ll also have to wait for other people to get a free stall or washing machine. If a student lives at home, they can use their own bathroom, and the only people they have to wait for are their family. However, R.A s at college and students’ families will both have rules set about how students can and cannot use these facilities and how they can or cannot behave while you’re in your dorm/ at home.

Another difference between living at home and in a dorm is your social life. It is easier for students to socialize and stay updated on on-campus events. It is much easier to do that in college if one lives on campus and is closer to resources such as clubs, libraries, study halls, etc, which makes it easier to get help from one’s professors and get involved in clubs and school activities and events such as sports games and parties. Also, when living in a dorm, , a student is more up to date on events that are going on at your school because they live there. If they live at home, however, it is harder to get involved in school activities or help because they do not live on campus, and do not live close to those things, which is also the reason why it will be harder to stay up to date on what is going on around campus. Also, if a student lives at college, they will live closer to your fellow classmates, and since they do not have to go home every night, they will be able to socialize more. It is harder for a person to socialize if they live at home because they live further away from their friends and will likely have to drive to them to go hang out with them. In addition to that, if a student lives at home they will have to abide by their family’s rules and curfew, which might make it more difficult to hang out with their friends and go to parties. If someone lives in a dorm, they set their own rules, so they do not have to worry about their family’s rules when you go out. But if a person live at home, it’s more quiet so they can concentrate on studying. However, in both places, one must make sure one can plan their social time so one can study sufficiently and get one’s homework done so one doesn’t fall behind on one’s schoolwork.

In summary, whatever housing accommodations one chooses, one must be sure to choose one where one can adjust to college life comfortably, and are able to to focus on your schoolwork the best. When choosing between living at home or in a dorm you must take into account whether the privacy levels in either one match your comfort levels, whether you’ll be able to get your studying done, whether you’ll be able to adjust to college comfortably and, live a fulfilling social life. If you are a homebody who wants to be in a quiet, familiar environment with people they are comfortable with, and likes their privacy, then it would be a good idea for them to live at home. However, if you are an extrovert who likes to meet new people and try new things, wants to have a convenient social life and can’t wait to experience the freedom of adulthood, then dorm life is the life for you.

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