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Tunes To Jam To

Hey, guys!!! I just figured out that we could just write these whenever (I'm so smart!!), and I wanted to do something. So, in honor of you guys who, like me, need something to jam to in the background AT ALL TIMES, I wanted to give a shoutout to some of my favorite artists! But make no mistake, I'm not endorsing celebrity music groups, I'm mostly going to be talking about YouTube musicians. So without further ado, a list of some artists I've been jamming to lately!! (I'll also provide a link to their channels, in case anyone actually reads this and decides to check some of them out instead of assuming I'm a hopelessly stupid cottonheaded ninnymuggins.)

1. AHMIR These guys have been on YouTube for a while, but I just found them, and I gotta say, these guys ROCK!!! They do R&B style, but that really just means they use tight harmonies and a lot of soul. They've done some pretty typical songs as covers, but they've done some classics too, as well as their own originals. Their channel:

2. Morgan Wheeler This girl isn't well known among YouTubers, but she's seriously talented, and has a special affinity for drums (see her drum covers for proof of this!). She can play pretty much everything you need to play to make it in music today, and she's a great singer (and she's not terribly unattractive...). Her channel:

3. KurtHugoSchneider Kurt is one of those guys that you wonder how he can be so talented and yet never seem arrogant AT ALL. And yet Kurt is a master pianist, guitarist, harpist, recorder-ist, drum-pad-ist, and singer, although he usually leaves thevocals to other artists (Sam Tsui, Max Schneider [no relation], etc.) In addition, he's also an AMAZING video director, expert arranger, and overall insanely cool and talented, while still being enough of a dork to seem human! His channel:

That's about all I got for today, but if you guys liked this, PLEASE let me know!! If you want, I could try to publish these semi-regularly!

Well, thanks for checking this out!! Bye!!!

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