Welcome to Night Vale (Review)

A small desert community

Where the sun is hot

The moon is beautiful

And strange lights pass overhead

While we all pretend to sleep

Welcome to Nightvale


     Welcome to Nightvale is a serial podcast told as radio broadcasts from a stange desert town written by Joseph Fink and Jeffory Cranor. I'll go over some basic information about the Podcast and give you my verdict at the end. I will only refernce things said in the Pilot to avoid giving away any of the storyline.


The Voice of Nightvale:

     Cecil Baldwin voices the radio host Cecil Palmer (No, I don't usually keep them straight). He has a deep, smooth, and expressive voice, making the absolute madness of this podcast even better. He goes from dark and demanding to peppy and giddy in a heartbeat.

The Story of Nightvale:

     Every episode of Nightvale is packed with mystery and unexplained conspericy. But in this town, conspricy and unexplained mystery is jsut another daily ocurence. Seriously. The Station Manegement absorbs like, three interns in the first ten episodes. Beneith all this nutty hocus-pocus, it's really a very deep and meaningful show, and you get attached to the characters more quickly than you realize.

It's Free!

     Welcome to Nightvale is a completly free podcast. You can donate and recive bonus episodes (And some cool gifts) but you do not need to pay to get the Nightvale Experience. it's available on I tunes, Google play, and you can check out their website for more information.

In general,      

 This may be the greatest fiction podcast ever made, and you should defiantly check them out. They now have several series, I'll Write a few out down below.

Welcome to Nightvale

Alice Isn't Dead

Human Orbiting Circus of the Air

Within the Wires

That's all folks! Tell me in the comments if there are any Nightvale fans out there, or if there's another podcast people just need to have in their life!

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