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How to Get Through Stress-Month Alive

     If your life is anything like mine (Challanging school schedual, demanding extracirruculars, chronic need to be nice and impressive with stuff like handmade birthday presents, and an out-of-the-blue social life that didn't exist two weeks ago) then you know that early spring sucks. Hard. Constant exhaustion, incessent sobbing when that math homework is due by midnight and you are clueless, and that one really cool project that looks so great on a resume is in two weeks that you just started.

     So, let's get into some stratagies to keep our sanity hats on during early march and late Febuary. Well, at least while we're in public.


Keep Big Events Organized

     Guys, google calander is a lifesaver. LIFESAVER. I know that I have theatre all week, and grandma wants to have dinner on Friday. I have that thing on Saturday, and now I at least know when things aren't getting done. Trival, changing tasks like 'do math wrksht 8' and 'paint birthday gift' aren't easy to plan with such a set-in-stone setup, but it certainly goves you a visual of what your time is going to be like.


Get a Pattern Flowing

     I have a block schedual, so I have half my classes on one day, half the next. This works out nicly, so I do my homwork the day after it is assigned to have it ready in the morning. If I break this pattern, my life crumbles into chaos. if I keep it up, my stress is only enough to give me a minor heart attack.


Take Advatage of Enjoyable Work

     Nobody enjoys grueling paperwork, but if you have to color for a geography assignment, go over the top. Get out the crayons and make it a rainbow delight colored perfectly inside the lines. If you are making a gift, make it out of somthing you enjoy working with. Make this work your leisure. If you like writing, look at an essay as an excuse to spend an hour writing and editing.


Pretend it Will All Be Over in the Summer

     Humans are stupid hopers. Maybe your summer really is easy, but if ti isn't, pretend like your life depends on it. If you just convince yourself there is a light at the end of the tunnel, hold onto the light like there is no tomorrow without it. There's nothing like telling yourself it will all be over in two weeks for three months straight. The more you pretend stress will stop at a specific time in your life, the easier it will be to get to that point. What I'm trying to say is, set goals.


I'll stop blabbing now, Peace out guys!

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