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Emo Classics that NEED to Make a Comeback

     Okay, it's pretty darn close to 2019 (The predicted Emo revival), and 'emo' hasn't been cool since 2010. Despite this, we have to admit some of their music was pretty great Here are some Emo-esque songs that we need in our lives.

Basically Everything by NeverShoutNever

     NeverShoutNever was formed in 2007, and has defied every genre thrown at it. Yes, including Emo. Indie, Rock, it's all out the window for these dudes. The only way to describe their music is really sound shaped joy, and sometimes sound shaped love. Some of their songs are a little sadder, but most sound pretty happy sad lyrics or not.

Because I din't acually specify a song, here are some of my personal favorites.



I Love You 5

I Can't Stand It

Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

     MCR pumped out a lot of hits in their album The Black Parade. The song designed with the title is a rock anthem and a war cry. It's an empowering call to carry on, and definatly an adreniline rusher. Don't be intimadated by the band's mojo during or until this album, the vocals are powerful and the instrmentals fly.


If it Means A Lot to You by A Day to Remember

     This 2009 sappy song will make you sad. Yes it will. Listen to it once, twice, look at the lyrics, listen to it again. Eventually it will hit you that the singers girl is breaking up with him as he comes home from tour because now that he is famous, he will be away, and she can't deal with that.It's a lot worse when he sings it. Listen, cry.


Trapdoor by Twenty One Pilots

     Twenty One Pilots is still pretty popular, but this little beauty is fairly low key. From their first album, it is most likly a story about and told by our singer. News Flash, it's heartbreaking. This is another sobber, but din't worry, we have some happy stuff coming up.

Na Na Na and Bulletproof Heart by My Chemical Romance

     More MCR, I know, I know. But hear me out! These are two songs from their last studio album; Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. This album is great, but was largley rejected by the fanbase because it didn't stick with the 'emo' doom and gloom theme their last album did. It's still a wonderful work, and is slowly becoming more recognized at part of MCR's collection. Na Na Na depicts the lives of rebellious heros in their chatic, apocolyptic life. Bulletpreeof Heart is about freedom and breaking out of molds, and together they make a fast paced freedom mosh.

Breath in, Breath Out by Falling in Reverse

     Falling in Reverse falls on the morehard rock side of the spectrum, but this song is a suprisingly relaxing for it's head banging rhythem. It als pairs well with Why Worry and obnoxious amounts of homework.

Surrender the Night by My Chemical Romance

     The last song on our list is yet another song by the retired lords of emo. This is from their contimplaton album Conventional Weapons. This album is basically all of their rejected ideas, but this makes Surrender the NIght no lessof a beautiful Ballad about fighting for life and happiness when no one will help you.


Bonus Round:

     An Emo Mucician That Should Be Popular

Johnnie Guilburt

     Simmilar to the style of NeverShoutNever, Johnnie writes most of his songs about love and the stuggles of keeping up with life. He has individual work and is part of a small band known as Till Death Do We Part. The band is a little more hardcore than his individual work (You can see a cover of Guchi Gang that makes the song almost socially acceptable), O reccomend you give it a try.


Any songs or artists you think should be added to the list? Any more songs people just have to hear before they die? Please leave it in the comment section! Thanks!


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