The day I lost my mom to a Zombie

I heard a ear piercing terrible scream, which made my skin crawl. Then this thing I don't know what it was but what I do know is it was once human and now it was a monster ready to eat anything living that had a pounding heart and didn't smell like rotten flesh with dry blood on its dirty, disheveled, ripped clothes. The thing is, this monster was once a  kid if one looked really close this monster was once a little girl. This little monster girl had part of her face completely turn up where you could almost see her bones and her eyeball, on one side it looked like it might burst out of her head. When she-monster saw me she bared what was left of her teeth at me then started running towards me but it wasn't me it was another woman who seemed vaguely familiar. She didn't seem scared at all but held her ground. Next thing I knew the woman pulled out a bunch of knives out of her boots and started throwing some of the knives and pierced the she-monster. One of the knives finally hit the she-monster in the head and then the she monster made one more ear piercing scream it landed about 2 feet away from her. Then out of nowhere a different monster/ zombie came from the side of her and started eating her. She was still trying to fight it but then all I saw was a huge puddle of blood and chunks of skin. The woman’s knives were scattered everywhere and for some reason, I don't know why, but I was screaming MOMMY!!!!!! I realize I was seeing myself almost as a reflection but young maybe 7 years old and holding a teddy bear. The zombie then noticed me and stopped eating the women that I called mommy and started towards me forgetting about the women because it wanted fresher flesh. I was back in that 7 year old body and was started running in the progress of running I dropped that teddy bear, before I knew it was on top of me. I started screaming waiting for its teeth to rip into my skin. Then I woke up screaming, sweaty and my heart pounding like I just ran  a 5k.

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