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Lost & don’t know what to do!


July 12 11:23-12:42pm

This world is made of evil & sin,

The heaven is made of light & righteousness,

The world has small dots of light all over it,

Does one choices to be of the world/of the darkness or be a small dot of light,

There is a war here fighting t have another on the either side ,

Why does evil have fear, pain, anger, prideful, swear words, hopeless, lust, lying, dark-hearted, stealing and death;

When there is light that holds peace, love faith, forgiveness, truth, joy, beauty,  humility, life, glory, victory, grace, blessing, hope & bloom;

Then why does one chooses evil over light?

When the light is clearly wonderful because the world tells us lies & tempts us with wicked & dark things,

Even through the light tells us don’t to protect us,

This is why the lord sent his son to die for our sins because he loves us,

But for some men who know/believe that this is the true but say that not enough & choose evil,

We/ men always look for more or the next best thing we are wicked,

That is why satan or evil roam the earth,

But yet there are some men who  believe this to be true that is enough for them to let the holy spirit in & be a light to this world.


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