Guardian [Part 1.2]

The following is a piece of fanfiction for the show Doctor Who. Yes, it's still here after four years: I just keep forgetting to update it. A lot.

There are currently 13 chapters divided into two parts. When they will be posted, only the stars know.

Chapter 2: Starry Night

It was midnight when Talitha jumped out of bed, tied back her hair, slipped on her shoes, and climbed out her bedroom window. The action was practiced, almost habitual. In moments, she was on the ground, running down the street under the light of the moons.

She had things to do that were best not done in daylight.

The buildings had thinned out and her breath was coming out in gasps by the time Talitha reached her destination. Leaning against a wall, she stopped to laugh at her own stupidity. Her long brown hair looked wild behind her, and her shoes were coated in dust, but she had made it. She had made it to the junkyard.

It was a labyrinth of towering scrap metal, most of its contents methodically disassembled before being placed there. It was almost a natural birthplace of new inventions and ideas, pieced together from what was left behind.

There was, however, one near-finished product there that Talitha had come to love. It was an abandoned Type 120 TARDIS with everything but the flight codes intact. The wiring had been damaged as well, but Talitha had fixed that with some help from Bernadette and some tips from Jaydin, the only actual mechanic she knew. Angelo had tackled the flight codes with some convincing and dares, but the algorithm he had made would take more than a little time to generate the missing pieces. So, while they waited, she visited the lonely machine. The others did too, but although she hated to admit it, Talitha felt lonely as well.

It was disguised as a wooden dresser, its white paint chipped and its drawers dented. It opened at her touch, swinging wide like a door. The structure was lying on its side, the interior tilting away from her, but she stepped inside anyway. The world reoriented to to suit her new perspective, and soon she was inside a large console room with a ceiling that reached upward like a cathedral’s. In the past few weeks it felt as if the room had grown warmer, its lights not dim, but soft. It had a sleepy feeling about it, something in the way that its central column rose and fell as slowly and steadily as a breath.

Talitha slipped off her shoes and padded about the room, taking in its familiarity. She was a lovely thing, Talitha thought. When she had first stumbled across the Type 120, she’d felt drawn to it, as if it was calling to her, or to someone, or to anyone. In that way it had always felt familiar- It had always felt like home.

The girl wandered to an adjacent room, the one that Angelo had named the Star Room. The TARDIS had built it for him so that he could memorize all the stars that were visible in Gallifrey’s night sky, or at least the ones that were in his textbooks. The transduction barrier that protected the planet had grown too thick to see anything but the hazy suns and moons with the naked eye, and Angelo had found the star charts difficult to memorize when they were confined to dusty pages. And so the Star Room was born. It made Angelo feel better, Talitha supposed, to feel that the Type 120 served some educational purpose, but in truth it simply served to distract him from the illegality of it all.

Talitha never minded. She took a certain pleasure in breaking the law, since her father, an officer of the law, was too busy enforcing it to stop her personally. Besides, she wouldn’t have known what proper stargazing was supposed to feel like in any other way.

She looked up and saw the likenesses of Polarfrey and Karn, then looked past them at the pinpricks of light which freckled the ceiling that posed as the sky. She started to count them, going past the number she could usually achieve outside by several hundred, then a few thousand before she gave up and dragged herself home.


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