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You Are Beautiful

 You ARE BEAUTIFUL and you dont need to change the way you are just because someone says so!!

You dont need make-up or jewelry or nice, exspensive cloathing to look handsome and/or beautiful! I'm am told all the time by my family that I'm beautiful and I believe them. I wounder why we think we need make-up to look pretty?? Yes, I'm a girl and I have make-up myself, but BUT you will rearly ever catch me wearing any! WHY? you might ask, well because GOD said that I'm beautiful and that HE LOVES me just the way I am! I am fearfully and wounderfully made! You might think you're junk, but the truth is YOU'RE NOT, why, because GOD DOESN'T MAKE JUNK!!! Another reason why I don't wear make-up is because it will make your already beautiful face brake out! I got my ears peirced when I was 2 years old, and I've worn earrings since I was 14. I never ever wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings! Well I'll wear necklaces and bracelets sometimes!

There are two songs that make me fill bettrt about myself and if you want to listen then here:

Gold by Britt Nicole

Beautiful by Mercy Me

Please don't let anyone tell you that you aren't beautiful/handsome! YOU ARE, AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE ME!!!

I'm not just saying this just to make you fill better, I'm saying this because it's TRUE!! You are worth more than all the money can buy, because you're PRICELESS!!

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