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Wrong Way -Free Verse

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of suicide (specifically by car wreck) and depression, if this is triggering, proceed with caution.


A friend of mine

Told me a story

Of a guy who she knew

That was suicidal

And depressed.


He took his car

And made a left turn

Into oncoming traffic.


He died.


And as she told me this story,

She was trying to hold back


When she finished,

All of us cracked up,

Including me.


How is that funny?

Degrading someone's life

Into nothing

But a joke?


Someone actually died,

And we have the


To laugh about it?


What kind of

Sick maniacs

Are we?

To disrespect someone,

When all of us had felt 

The exact same way

That he did?


I wonder if he

Regretting making that turn,

Going the wrong way.

I wonder if he felt



I wonder if

We'll ever learn...

Tags: diary, sad, Depression, Suicide, wrongway, carwreck, notfunny

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