Out Of Control -Free Verse

Can you handle it?

My crazy,

My weird,

The things I can't contain?


Can you help me when I've

Lost all of my marbles,

Gone out of control,

When the insanity

Completely takes over?


Can you calm

My screaming mind,

My crying soul,

My aching heart?


Can you handle it?

The panic attacks,

The screw-ups,

The sadness that

Overtakes me?


Can you help me?

I can't do this

On my own.

Will you be there?


Can you calm

My storms,

My angry fits,

My ever-thinking mind?


Can you handle it?

Cna you help me?

Can you calm me?


Can you love me

Even if I've lost

Complete control?


"But who could love me?

I am out of my mind."

-She Had The World, Panic! At The Disco

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