Dear Diary, Entry 15

More has happened since yesterday, Diary, and I'm less depressed today than I was yesterday, so that's good.

I have a Perle Von Nurnberg succulent and I'm painting the plastic pot I'm going to put it in desert-y. I started that yesterday, which is exciting. 

I sat on the back porch with DJ and played my uke for like an hour and a half and it was amazing. I think that helped my depression some. The amazing weather, too. It's been so warm, and I love it.

Still miss S.A.D, but not nearly as obsessive over it... Heh...

I had therapy today, and it was good. I feel better about some of the stuff that happened over the weekend. 

I'm very sleepy... I don't know why. I've been tired for like 3 days straight and it's not good.

Some guys in my math class were being a$$holes because Cora did a stupid thing and they were making fun of her for it, and I went off. Sort of. I was so angry, and they were being absolute d*cks about it and I wanted to kill them. But I did stand up for her, which I'm proud of myself.

Not much else has happened...

SSIMH: Dirty Mind by Simon Curtis (if you know this song, you know exactly what's on my mind right now XD)

Be safe, Creepers.

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