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What's a Mary Sue?

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What's a Mary Sue?

We've all heard of characters being labeled as a Mary Sue, Gary Stu, Marty Stu, Canon Sue, etc. However, I have seen so many different definitions of a Mary Sue that vary from broad to specific. Some characters are perfect examples by one definition but are nothing like another definition. In no particular order, the following are few example definitions I've come across.

Definition one: In short, she/he is seen as perfect or easily for forgiven for his/her flaws. She/he is often in the spotlight. She/he "exists to be praised; an object to be idolized by others. She/he inspires others with contagious goodness, even if the Mary Sue never actually does anything of note."

Definition two: "A character representing the author."

Definition three: "A Mary Sue is, in general, a character who is written unrealistically."

My best friend's definition: "An original female character that falls in love with a character from a series that follows a common story with other characters."

What is my definition? I'm leaning towards one, but I'm not sure. The whole reason I wrote this because I was wondering, "What is your definition of a Mary Sue?"

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So, what do you think of when you hear "Mary Sue"? leave you answer in the comments!

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