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To Our Dearest Sparkitors

Sparkler Post
To Our Dearest Sparkitors

Our dearest Sparkitors, Sploggers, and Sparklife tech gurus (Sparktechs?), 

The recent site formatting changes, as well as changes in article content, have brought about positive aspects as well as negative ones. Let it be known that you are all loved, respected, and appreciated. However, these recent events have caused our Sparklife community to come together in order to present to you a list of items we which to bring to your attention.

On a positive note, we have enjoyed many of the updates and posts.

  1. We adore the new crowns, and the fact that they were first revealed on Break the OT Day was an extraordinarily thoughtful and personal touch. Our day was made all the more special by it.
  2. We love Josh and Melissa tasting peculiar candies.
  3. We love the adventures of Alby.
  4. We love the recent articles discussing current events.
  5. We are forever grateful that you brought back Writer Wars!
  6. We are extremely pleased you started Artist Wars as requested.
  7. We love how the majority of the articles have appropriate balances of humor and seriousness.
  8. The Sparkler post section is a lovely and useful idea.
  9. We are glad the slide shows of Celebrity Tweets are still being posted.
  10. We appreciate how quickly you respond to our error report emails. Most places tend to ignore emails.
  11. Your awesomeness is beyond that of others’.
  12. The Friday awards have been amazing, and we are so pumped that they are back.
  13. We love the wider variety of topics articles have covered. It feels like there’s an article out there for most interests.
  14. We love the Halloween posts

However, we have some concerns we wish to bring to your attention.

  1. Our comments, replies, private messages, and emoticons are being eaten even more frequently than before.
  2. Editing a post republishes, making it harder to find newer posts.
  3. Photos almost never load when creating a Sparkler post.
  4. It can be difficult to load photos in general.
  5. We feel there is a copious amount of advertisement about Sparklife on Sparknotes, which then distract and annoy those who come to Sparknotes to study. While this issue does not directly apply to Sparklife users, we are concerned for Sparknotes users.
  6. We feel the update was so sudden and unannounced that we were unprepared for an increase in glitches. We also feel that it was unwise to make major, risky updates to the site when so many errors were still occurring in the first place. It would have been wiser to minimize the original errors before renovating the site.
  7. Some days, comments either load slowly or not at all, and it can take over 14 hours for comments to be in working order once again.
  8. People keep getting blocked out of SparkNotes as a whole. They can't access the site for academic or recreational purposes. This is especially concerning due to the fact that people use Sparknotes to increase their academic success.
  9. As of late, the official Open Threads have been put up much later than usual. We wonder why this is and if there is anything we can do to prevent this.
  10. Sometimes the Private Message box does not alert a user that a message has been received.
  11. Sometimes private messages are doubled.
  12. Sometimes the end of a private message cannot be reached and therefore responses cannot be sent.
  13. Inboxes sometimes load slowly if they even load at all.
  14. Message reply buttons do not always work.

Addressing the above concerns would be quite satisfactory. We Sparklers and Manklers understand no website can work one hundred percent error-free.  We apologize for any ill feelings. The last thing any of us want is to come across as inconsiderate, ungrateful, demanding, rude, etc. We simply wanted to provide praise and constructive criticism in order to help. Speaking of helping, if there is anything any of us can do to assist you, please let us know. We only want to benefit the Sparknotes and Sparklife community as a whole, including you.

With deep love and sincerity,

JMKhungergamesfan on behalf of Sparkler and Manklers of the Open Thread

Did I miss something, Sparklers and Manklers? Please POLITLY add to either list in the comments. I am not afraid to flag you if you are rude. 

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