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loveroflifeandliving Asked For This to Be Posted

The following was a comment posted on the Open Thread for April 29, 2013, by loveroflifeandliving, and I know nothing more than what I coppied and pasted below:

(for some reason i cant post a post)

so this is my post (if someone can post this from their account that'd be great)

Okay my mission is to give my best friend a birthday presentHer 16th birthday is in 2 days on May 1st and NOONE remembers it besides me. She has a family of 12 and remembers their birthdays, but they don’t return the favor. her name is LindaMy mission is to get a video of One Direction or Maroon 5 (or even just Adam Levine) to say Happy Birthday. If you could get it please send it to my email “”. Now you are wondering “why would I do that for a stranger”, we here are reasons why she deserves it.1. Saved me from being suicidal2. She is the happiest person EVER!3. She loves the most hated people4. She thinks everyone deserves a second chance5. She prevented her siblings from going to fosters homes6. She wants to become a doctor JUST to save lives7. She shares her birthday with her aunt, friend8. The day before her birthday is her dad’s and sister’s9. Never got a gift on her birthday and she is still appreciative

There are no other words to describe her because she is that cool.Now you are wondering “how am I going to get them to say happy birthday” well if we all work together we could try to send this link to their twitter account or Facebook account. Just do whatever so that they can see this.

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