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Compliments for Soccer

From JMKhungergamesfan: Explanation of This and the “Labor Day Party”

Hello Soccer! When we the Sparklers and Manklers of the Open Thread realized we had become so consumed with SOPA that the third Sparkiversary of our dear Queen Soccer was accidentally ignored, we had to take action. I know you said we didn’t have to, but this and a surprise “Labor Day” party was the least we could do! “This”, by the way, is a collection compliments and memories revolving around you. Of course we still have the ones from Ze_Mathiea’s post as well (: Some Sparklers are a bit more wordy than others, but we all love you to bits!

From cece_fredzilla

“Soccer is pretty freaking awesome. She's so welcoming and entertaining and great to talk to.”

From cookie-lovingBabaYaga

“Soccer is kind, caring, gorgeous and funny, and it'll always be a pleasure to know her.”

From DecemberLunatic:

“I remember when I first joined and was a tiny, baby Sparkler. I was struck in awe when I heard about you, and that you've been here for three years. Every time you and I were on the OT at the same time you always posted something positive and caring. I really do enjoy having you on the OTI”

From equillibrium

“She's really strong and down to earth.”

From gotstagecrew

“Last summer I was basically an insomniac. So I wouldn't get onto the OT til after 8:30 but i'd be up til like 2:30 - 3 in the morning. Fortunately soccer is not an early sleeper, so I got to chill with her and the other sparklers (most of who were in an early time zone) and we talked about the confusion of boys and we beat 1,000 comments (last summer we could barely get to 800) and I remember this one night we were talking about old sparklers and she was talking about hamm and then she went and got him. And I only saw him because I couldn't sleep and I had come back. She had left already but I got to meet him and he was like a God to me and I remember thinking she was the greatest person for getting him to come back and I wanted to grow up to be just like her one day. Someone who knew all the "cool" old sparklers and was so well respected.”

From JMKhungergamesfan

“My dear crowns and stars twin, how honored I am to say you’re my friend.  I literally (and I mean literally) don’t remember a time where the Open thread didn’t have you upon which to rely. In the roughly one and half years I’ve been a participant of the OT, I’ve come to know you as kindhearted, courageous, and a truly loyal friend. I’m proud of you for lasting so long on this website, and for lasting though so much shit in life. Just keep swimming like you always do : D”

From Levackkid:

“Soccer is an amazing, beautiful, and hilarious sparkler. But better than that, she's strong. She'll listen to the issues of others, even when she has her own to deal with. Soccer empathizes with people and tries her best to make them feel better or help them with their situation, and it's an admirable quality. No wonder so many people look up to her! I'm honoured to have made her acquaintance. Happy belated sparkiversary, Soccer! Keep on rocking, my dear."

From london_gurl_123

“I remember when I first started making appearances on the OT, Soccer would always reply to comments with something positive. This always made me happy, because it meant that at least ONE person cared about what I was saying.”

From NinJas_are_Mi

"I've always been a little in awe of you, dearie; you've been on here for quite a while. One of the first OTs I actually said things on there was a poetry night where all of the Sparklers were exchanging poetry. I put one of my poems up and you said that you liked it and for me that made my night an infinite amount better because you, the Queen of Sparknotes had complimented my poem. You, my dear, are one of the nicest Sparklers I have met on here; you never judge, you have an excellent sense of humor and you're pretty darn good at giving out advice to us. There's a reason you were elected Queen of Sparknotes. We all love you and wish you a Happy Third Anniversary!"

From PurpleNeardNumber7

“Soccer, you never fail to make me smile whenever I'm in a bad mood. Your cheesy pickup lines always make my day. You're amazing, intelligent and beautiful! You're definitely my favorite cousin! I love having you around on the OT and it makes me feel better when you're on at the same time as me! I hope you love your surprise party and just know that we all love the Queen of Sparknotes (aka YOU!) (:”


“Go Soccer!”

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