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A Head's Up for the OT

Hello everyone,

So . . . I'm sort-of-not-exactly-but-kind-of taking a hiatus from the OT and my blog. Between here and Tumblr, I'm getting very little sleep, and I'm starting to feel the consequences. I'm tired all the time. I'm impatient. I'm easily pissed off. I'm not retaining as much information as I once could. I'm always running late in the morning. I'm stressed to the max. I'm behind on work.

I'll be on here on the weekends, and maybe for a few minutes on a random weeknight, but I'm going to try and refrain from here and Tumblr until I settle into a better sleeping pattern. If anyone needs me, anyone can message my inbox or email me at Messaging me is your best bet.

It's not an "I'm leaving permanently because [reasons]" or a "There have been so many changes and so much drama that it would be better if I left." It's just a "Hey, real life needs to straighten itself out some so I'll be on less often. Catch you later"

I don't have a set date of return, so what'll most likely happen is I'll start popping on more often and for longer stretches.

Please upvote so people see this. I love you all.

See you later, JMK (Jen)

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