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Open Thread the Musical

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Open Thread the Musical

Poster by Eponine-24601

The SL Musical Plot! (compiled by TheDoctor212)

Act One-The Beginning: S1-Unnamed Sparkler (No Name) has a Left Brain Right Brain Inner Struggle on whether to or not go see what is The Open Thread. Cue "Follow The Left"

S2-No Name Arrives at The OT. Sparklers all join in welcoming No Name by singing "Welcome To The OT!"

S3a-No Name wonders how the OT came to be. Cue "The Sparkitors" ft. "Stars&Crowns"

S3b-An explanation for the weird sidebar is asked for by No Name. Cue "From Our Partners"

S4-No Name asks to learn about who the Sparklers are. Cue "Spark Who?" "Sixtuplet Song" "Mysterious Human Hermeus" etc.

S5-Sparklers begin to talk once more while No Name engages conversation. No Name ponders all the references. Cue "The Fandom Song"

S6-No Name is excited at the prospect of the OT and all it holds. Cue "Anything and Anywhere"


Act Two-Deserted/Undeserted: S1-No Name comes on to find to see no one is on except for a lonely Sparkler. Cue "Me, Myself, and I"

S2-A couple more Sparklers appear as Lonely Sparkler stops monologuing. They attempt to hold keep the OT alive without Spam. Cue "The Spark Pillars"

S3-No Name watches as more Sparklers come on and the comment count starts to increase. Cue "Burning Brighter"

S4-The Sparklers and No Name decide to have some fun now that there are people on. Cue "Going Crazy" ft "Pyromaniac!"

S5-While The Sparklers and No Name are busy picking up the ashes, a spammer suddenly appears. Cue "Spammity Spam!"

S5b-The Sparklers attempt to reassure a worried No Name while getting rid of the spammer. Cue "The Grammar Song" ft "Flag Flag Flag!"

----- Intermission -----

Act 3-The Darkness Returns S1-No Name wonders what is going on. The Sparklers give a history lesson on Gary and The Darklers. Cue "The Darkness"

S2- There is some confusion about The Darklers with No Name. Some say that the Sparklers and Darklers in the past have intermixed. Cue "Dark Love" Darkler Sparkler Couple Duet (*Cough* Masanda *Cough*)

S3-Even more confusion breaks out as the topic of alternate accounts comes up. No Name watches as some of the Sparklers turn into Darklers and back into Sparklers again. Cue "Dr.Sparkler and Mr.Dark"

S4-A Mysterious Fog rolls over the OT. Suddenly a link is posted, and a true Darkler makes an appearance-Dr.ilyso! Cue "Always read the links" Dr.ilyso's solo

S5-Panic is setting in. The geese are released, the gravity is flickering on and off, and Darklers start appearing everywhere around No Name. Gary's Amry is taking over! Cue "Darklers Taking Over"

S6-The terrified Sparklers are cornered as Hermeus reveals his true identity as Gary! The Darklers Reveal Their Master Plan to take over Sparklife, leaving a scared and confused No Name. Dun Dun Dun!!! Cue "Gary's Gonna Eat" ft "I Am The Gary"


Act 4-The Sparklers Prevail S1-Just as all hope seems lost, the Splurkers, who have been watching the whole time, begin to speak out, rebelling against Gary and his evil army! Cue "From The Shadows"

S2-The Sparklers begin to regain their courage.JMK hands to Tea to everyone to reassure them. Cue "The Tea Song"

S3 No Name stands up and gives the Darklers a piece of his/ her mind as the Sparklers (and Splurkers!) begin to stand up to Gary. Cue "We are The OT!" No Name Solo

S4-The newly inspired Sparklers and No Name (and Splurkers) against Gary, by Forming an Army of their own! Using the force of positivity, the Sparklers (and Splurkers) rise! Cue "Do You Hear The Sparklers Sing?"

S5-An Epic Climax as one final comment by No Name is made and The Darklers are overthrown! Cue "Sparklers Shall Prevail"

S6-The Sparklers (and Splurkers) and No Name Rejoice as the balance to Sparklife is restored and the OT is won back! Cue "The Battle Is Won"

S7-No Name and The Sparklers are happy and content. Suddenly, a new Sparkler appears. No Name's final line is "Well, my friend, you have a lot to learn!" before The Sparklers and No Name break into song and cheer. Cue Repraisal of "Welcome To The OT!"

-Curtain Close and Final Credits-

*Note: Work in progress. Songs should be/will be posted in the comments below. Anything can be added/changed. Just suggest stuff.

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