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A Dream of mine.

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A Dream of mine.

I guess I should share this. It will help me to write it down. General warning for dreams. . .I went to sleep at a decent time last night as I have been studying quite a bit and thought it best to divide my time well.

So I had a Nightmare, not my usual "oh you have a problem and this is it" nightmares either. I was in a place that was very very very odd. Rivers on the sides of yellow mountains going sideways, trees that talk through paintings, Things that you could see the thoughts of. So I walked from place to place, each as confusing as the last. No one willing to help, just giving me a view of scorn from their sewn up, distorted faces. Everything was not so bad until I wandered into a place that was a natural landscape yet contorted into imposing spires of geometric shapes. I walk up to the gate and the patchwork sentries immediately toss me off the side of the bridge. So I fell for what felt like day . . . then I hit the water and swam over to an aqueduct. I was helped out of the water by a creature not too dissimilar from the general inhabits of whatever the hell this place is, except it was actually friendly.

So we talked, it would not give me its name. In the middle of our conversation I realized I was dreaming, so I tried to wake up . . . and I did. So I went downstairs and turned on the television to calm my nerves. I soon fell asleep on the couch.

And it was waiting there for me. Nothing was changed.It said: You should not leave like that, it is quite rude.

At this point I was a bit terrified and I responded: I know this is a dream, therefore, here I am god and you will obey me!And if it had a face, it would have probably smirked at me. . .

It continued: you are aware of the problem then that is good, we are getting places. You have seen how much influence you wield here . . . which is not very much.

I responded: Can you tell me of this place? Who are you?It said: If you do not know, I do not know. I am just passing through.It said: Oh, it seems that they draw close; I should go, enjoy your innermost apocalypse, my friend.

And then I woke up in my bed, with a little less Hermeus' imagination figured it would be a good idea to make him not want to sleep ever again.

I feel a bit better after writing this. I hope I did not clog up everything too much with these thoughts.

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