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Announcing Bookplaces around the World

Hello Sparklers and Manklers!

For those of you who don’t know me, well I am FantasyBookLover, proud author of the first Sparkler Post ever and ‘Petition to solve problems affecting SparkLife’. For those of you who do know me, I am still the same old Fantasy tensed and busy with her exams.

A few days ago, while preparing for my exams, I got a (if I may take the liberty of saying so!) a brilliant idea. I love books and seeing beautifully arranged books is a pleasure surpassed only by actually reading books. But I get tired seeing the same books every single day. I want to see bookplaces from around the world. I want to see all those bookstores and libraries out there.

So I made a blog. Its link is

I want all Sparklers to submit pictures of their local bookstores, libraries and personal book collections to this blog. Don’t forget to add your city, state (if U.S. citizen) and country along with the pictures! I am longing to see all those pretty book pics from around the world. Please please please help make my blog a success. Bibliophiles everywhere will thank you for your help.

Yours truly


P.S. If you have a tumblr, do check out my personal blog


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