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Getting over an Ex

Oh gosh. This one's hard. Okay, I need you to sit back and think hard. If you don't have a new boyfriend, you know that you constantly think about the one you broke up with. You wonder if it was the right choice, you wonder what you could've done differently. If your ex is a total jerk, I understand that you're probably not having this anxiety. But if you broke up 'cause he or you needed some time, you wonder.     Say you and your ex declared friendship. Is it really the same? Or is it awkward, especially when the past comes up again? I know what you're feeling like. Trust me. But how to get over it? You don't want to ask yourself these questions forever. 1. Stop talking to your friends about it. They understand the problems of breaking up, but they don't want you to talk about it long term. Here's some advice: I know this might sound weird, but talk to your pet or mirror about it. Get all of your anxiety out. I'm sure your dog will understand. 2. If you're stll friends, text him about random things, have light conversations. 3. If you're not still friends, erase him off your phone. You don't want to stir up old memories. 4. Open up to other guys. Don't just focus on him. If you have a crush on another guy, great! It will keep your mind off your ex.    
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