DJ's Adventures vol. 10: Home Visit Highlights

In case you guys didn't know, I recently went on vacation to my dad's house, which is very far away. Here are some moments that stuck out, whether in a good way or in a bad way, from that trip.

 The journey there was a difficult one. One of my flights got delayed, so I missed my connection. Thankfully, I got rebooked immeadiately. Unfortunately, I had to make an extra stop in an unfamiliar airport. I got to the desired airport several hours later only to find that my bag was left behind at one of my first stops. I'm an idiot and decided to throw away the baggage receit, so I was standing there for over an hour trying to describe the bag to this poor lady at around 4 in the morning. Suddenly, my dad shows up out of nowhere with a security guard trailing him (I'm still behind the security checkpoint and he's not, so he's not supposed to be back there). He was yelling at an uncomfortable volume saying, "HEY! YOU'RE HERE! GOOD!" and then turns to the security guard and says "PLEASE LET ME BACK THERE! HE'S A CHILD AND CAN'T DO THIS HIMSELF!" and I was like "Dad, calm down, it's okay" and then he backed out of my sight. Everyone was staring and it was really uncomfortable. He was wrong; I had it perfectly under control. While I didn't get my bag, the lady helping me put out a notice that would make it easier to track down. I gave her my dad's contact information so she could let us know when it had arrived. It was found about three days later.

The next day, my mom was talking about our plans for the next week and a half. She said that my dad would be grilling one night and that I should help him. I reminded her that I can't cook at all, and then she said, "Every dude's gotta know how to barbecue." For those of you who don't know, I am an ftm boi, and my parents don't accept me. My mom does her best to use non-gendered terminology around me, but refuses to affirm my masculinity. The fact that she's showing the tiniest glimmer of acceptance makes me hopeful. My dad just kind of goes along with whatever she says. I haven't heard his opinions on the topic, but I frankly don't want to because I know it will be far worse. He isn't even on board with the whole non-gendered terminology thing. 

When I got back to my house the first time, it felt weird. A lot happened in that house that I'd never want to think back on. I did however find an item that represented the fond memories of my past: the pink Nintendo DS Lite I got for Christmas when I was six. I have a new 3DS as well, but it was over at my mom's house (no, my parents are not divorced, yes, they live in two different countries for most of the year). I also had a very limited selection of games. The two that caught my eye were Pokemon: SoulSilver and Pokemon Conquest. SoulSilver was one of the games I spent the most time on growing up. My first file on that game represents the closest I've ever gotten to completing a Pokedex (except on my eShop copy of Red, but I don't count that). I had over 600 hours on that file. I transfered all the Pokemon over to my 6th gen games and deleted that file ages ago, but that game represents my escape for more than five years. I immeadiately started a new file on it. 

My dad let me drive his beloved 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser (according to my dad, that particular model is also popular with ISIS). It was an honour because he loves this car to a somewhat creepy level. Like he says creepy things about it that make you hope he's joking, but there's always the chance he's not. For example, whenever we wash the car, my dad says, "he likes it when you give him a bath". *shudders* Anyways, my dad wouldn't let me drive on the road because I don't have a liscense yet, but there's an open desert landscape not far from the house. While I was tearing up those dirt roads in the most epic joyride I've had in a very long time, I saw someone from my past. I live in a pretty small town, so I was really worried about people recognising me. Not very many people stick around for the summer, so I knew it wasn't likely, but I still worried. The kid I saw was a British guy named Sebastian. I was best friends with him when I was eight or so. I'd go to his house to watch Ben 10 and eat cookies all the time. I'm pretty sure he recognised my dad and then recognised me, because I look nothing like I did nine years ago. But he gave me a funny look that could only be the shock of recognition. My dad, being the sociable doofus that he is, waved. I just zoomed past Sebastian in hopes that he wouldn't think too much on my completely different appearance. 

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