I apologise if I referenced the wrong religion, I meant to mean Ramadan but I had a brain fart and forgot which religion it was that did Ramadan so I went with my gut




I upset my roommate

i didn’t die

now, like those in Islam, who can’t eat till late

hes stopped me from eating

i must sit there and wait

for my mother to finish 

and sigh

Before telling me to feed the dogs

and give them the scraps.


My Roommate hates me

more than ever

he wants my body for himself

 You see

hes gotten another one to move in

i think his name is Dysphoria 

he makes me hate my body

how they must hate me

And now since there’s three, 

or possibly more

there is no room, 

for what makes me me anymore

Tags: poetry, Depression, Suicide, Dysphoria

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