Diary 7 ig



So I came out to my mother

i write her a letter and poured my heart into it

i leave her the letter

she read the letter

what does she do?

1) goes through my texts on my phone. My emails, everything.

2) deletes the MediBang paint app off my iPad so that I can’t draw 

3) yells at me

4) is hostile 

5) doesn’t accept me


i vividly remember her saying that she’s not transphobic or homophobic

shes just oppressing me

she thinks I’m like this because of the mofo internet

yk, she’s caught me binding/dressing like a boi 

she knows I want short hair

she refuses to let me do anything with my body (ie. cut my hair, wear a binder) 

im seriously considering taking off.... I don’t know if I can deal with this for 2 more years (at least)

and now I have 3 months off school. 


she thinks I’m an attention seeker.... 


i just... wish she’d listen and understand and care about this instead of calling me stubourn...


imma go

bye diary

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