”no one needs you”

and best friends laugh

tears shed before 9

laughter echoes in a crying persons ears

two weeks left

or that’s what I thought

but I have to come back next year

i have to face my demons 

or rather

my demon

who turns my friends on me

make me want to stay in bed

i dont want to get up

thinking “why can’t I be dead?”

i hold the cocktail

of chemicals ive mixed

voices echoing “you’re better off dead”

and a shriller one screaming “why don’t you just kill yourself?!”

her voice hitting off the yellow cinderblock walls

blood splatters the linoleum 

from my nose being slammed

on the wall 

when I ran away

the teachers send me to counselling

or they try to

my mother won’t allow it

so they say it’s just hormones

and itll be ok

but maybe she was right

maybe it would be better

if I dissapeared

 so I didnt bother anyone

so I wasn’t a hassle

so i didn’t get in the way

so I drink my cocktail

completed with a slice of lime and an umbrella

and i lie down to cry

as i try to die.


Tags: Depression, Bullying, Suicide

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