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Dear Mr. President and Kim Jung Un II

  Dear Mr. President and Kim Jung Un II,

  Please stop your inccessant arguing and name calling. How is that going to work out a solution to keep us all from being toast, or nuked I should say. Right ow, you both are acting like such babies, you should be holding baby rattles. NOT the button to a nuclear war missile.

  Mr. President Trump, you need to stop name calling Kim Jung Un II. And rying to simmer thing down. Your comments and tweets on twitter, will make us sqeal!

  Mr. Kim Jung Un II, You need to stop messing around with fire. And Missiles. Stop threatening to declare war because Trump did something. We did not declare war on you and you have no right to shoot us down. And stop getting deffended so easily. You have brought most of this upon your self.

 Now, May U.S.A And N. Korea become good mutal friends like we should have been.

~ CallaHan R.

P.S Thanks for the support from my very best and first ever, sparkler friend, Koalapear!!

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