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Dear Croggie: Do I have to write all those Thank You cards?

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Dear Croggie: Do I have to write all those Thank You cards?

 Dear Croggie,

  I just had a graduation party and my mother is insisting I write a thank you note/card to everyone that came. Do I have too? She says it is polite to do so and that I should do it when I have my wedding too. Does tha mean I need to right a Thank You card to every one everytime I have a party?

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Dear Friend,

 Congrats on graduating! And now to answer your question, yes, you should  write a thank you card to everyone that came. And your mother is also right about writing a thank card to everyone that comes to your wedding.The Thank You cards don't have to say much either, something like, "Thank you for coming to my Graduation Party, it was greatly appreciated."  It is NOT necessary though to write a thank you card to everyone everytime you have a party though. Unless, you want too. Hope this answers your question!!

P.S Also, I would suggest going to your local Wal-Mart and having a special Thank You card made there and then print out as many as you need. That would save time, but personally, what's better then recieving a nice hand written one?

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