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Make America Great Again!

 As in the news, I am sure you have heard of what Donald Trump has said about firing everyone that "Kneels" during the singing of the National Anthem in the NFL. I think he is correct about that. I mean, the NFL players need to find someother way to protest. They do not need to disrespect the flag and the National Anthem.

  America is as free as it is gonna get. If you don't like it, then leave America. I don't want you living here and trashing it. America has gone backwards and Trump is trying to bring back. We don't need anymore people causing trouble as it is.

  So, people, Sparklers, this is a call to action to help make America great again. Pres. Trump doesn't have to do it himself! Always wear a smile, help someone in need, pick up litter, buy a flag and put i in your window, or put it on a pole, up on high, so everyone can see in America! America will be great again with your help.

 Long live America!!! (And you too for helping! )

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