some writing tips I got from my teacher

Thesis- states what you’re talking about in your essayRevision- rewriting (mechanics, spelling, grammar, style, structure, tone)

Know your audience-Writing is all about your reader. Your reader is your focus point, not what you know.Focus on planning-You should spend approximately 50% of your time planning an essay.Drafting an essay-Drafting a document is the easiest part and should require approximately 20% of your time.Editing is last-Allocate 30% of your time to editing.Paragraphs: seven lines or less-Be certain your paragraphs aren’t longer than seven lines.Make it easy for your reader to scan-Organized and well thought outVerbs = energy-Verbs are the pivot point of a sentence. Strong verbs have a real punch.Don’t start sentences with “there is” and “there are”-Weak sentences frequently start with these words. Instead cut to the chase. Find the real subject and start there.Active voice is better than passive voice-Active voice is more dynamic and lively than passive voice.Avoid jargon-People within organizations parrot each other with phrases that have been used so much that they become meaningless.Own your work-Avoid “I think…” or “I suggest”. Instead, confidently write statements.Double check punctuationAvoid redundancy-Avoid redundant verb modifiersUse short words to grab attention-Grab your reader’s attention by deliberately shifting one or two sentences to single-syllable wordsFind an editor-Do not be upset about criticism to your writing. Seek out an editor who will help you grow as a writer.Start where it’s easiest-You don’t have to begin writing a document at the first sentence. The first sentence is often the hardest sentence to write. Start where it’s easiest.

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