Thor: The Dark World Fanfic #32

SPOILERS for Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: The Dark World!

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Chained and cuffed, Loki was marched to the dungeon. Aisha stood by with Odin, the Warriors Three and Sif.

Loki had made her laugh, made her scream, made her cry. Aisha wasn’t sure if they had been friends, but she had wanted them to be. Now they were definitely enemies.

Loki might never recover from her betrayal. She could even have permanently destroyed his ability to trust people.

She could find no one else to get angry at. It was all her own fault.

“I wish this hadn’t happened,” she said out loud.

“Well, what did you expect?” said Volstagg. “He’ll always be a traitor.”

“That’s not true,” Aisha snapped.

“Father!” an anxious voice rang out.

The whole room turned towards the voice. The most unexpected people were running in: Thor and Jane.

Thor went straight to Odin. “Father, are you alright?”

“Yes, son,” said Odin in surprise. “What’s the matter?”

Jane faced Aisha. “We know you went back for Loki,” she said, sounding a little apologetic. “I realised that since you can make any object you own just appear, you didn’t have to pick up something that you dropped.”

Aisha wasn’t surprised at their reasoning.

“Tell me what happened,” Thor demanded.

Aisha found telling the story incredibly difficult. At the end, she was met with a roar of approval from the warriors that made her heart ache.

“Great job!” said Volstagg.

“That was brilliant!” cried Fandral.

Thor and Jane, on the other hand, were looking horrified. “You said you would help us!” said Thor.

“I was too late to save your mother!” Phlegm was collecting in Aisha’s throat. “Do you think I was gonna let someone else die?”

“You know what Loki is capable of,” said Thor.

“Oh, so I should’ve let him die because of something he might have done?”

“Come on, Thor, Aisha’s a hero!” said Volstagg, grinning.

“I manipulated Loki after I saved his life,” said Aisha. “That’s not heroic.”

“He betrayed us,” said Sif.

“And you think me betraying him is any better?” Aisha was becoming hysterical. “I’m not a hero! Heroes always do the right thing! I just do what I think is right or what I wanna do and hope it turns out well. And sometimes it doesn’t.”

Volstagg laughed. “It isn’t betrayal unless he trusted you.”

Aisha was silent.

“Wait. He trusted you?”

“Yes! And why do you trust me? I wanted to be his friend! I’m not loyal to any of you! I just did it to save Asgard, and now Loki hates me and I don’t want any of your praise and I hate all of you!” Aisha removed her glasses and put her hands over her eyes.

An uneasy silence hung over them all.

“You shouldn’t have pretended,” said Thor quietly.

“I had to,” said Aisha. “Or he’d have killed me, and then couldn’t have stopped him -”

“We’re not incapable of stopping him.”

“- Without killing him.”

“It was dangerous for her, Thor!” Fandral jumped in. “Loki could have found her out at any time.”

Thor looked at Odin. “And yet, Loki still lives.”

Odin spoke for the first time, in a low voice. “It was Aisha’s request.”

“What hope is there for Loki?” said Thor.

Aisha put her glasses back on. “As long as he’s alive, there’s hope.” The thought lifted her spirits a little. “He can trust you two. You’re his family, and only you can save him.”

Thor was still frowning. Odin seemed puzzled.

Aisha started walking in the direction of the guest rooms.

“You will always be welcome in Asgard, Aisha,” Odin called after her.

Aisha stopped and turned around. “You’re fickle.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Several days ago you treated me like dirt. And today I’m your hero?” Aisha continued walking, not looking back.

Behind her, she heard Thor say, “I went against your wishes too, Father. I will pay the price in any way you see fit.”

“You acted with the right intentions,” said Odin. “You are all pardoned.”

Aisha felt a sting. Why should they all get off scot-free?

In the guest room, she flopped facedown onto her bed, but she had already cried herself dry. Her mind wouldn’t settle.

Then she realised, to her immense disappointment, that nothing had changed. The Dark Elves were gone, Odin was on the throne and Loki was back in the dungeon. She hadn’t affected this universe at all.

At least Loki was alive. But she was counting on Odin and Thor being kind to him, and why would they be?

She didn’t know whether to see this as a failure or a success. Her brain told her it should be a success, but her heart told her it was a failure.

There was no point in sticking around.

But she still had time for one final apology.

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