Thor: The Dark World Fanfic #31

SPOILERS for Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: The Dark World!

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In the morning, there seemed to be more activity than usual. More guards were milling around and talking among themselves.

Loki turned himself invisible and tailed a few of them.

When they assumed they were alone, they said, “We must wait for further orders. The Allfather will apprehend the imposter.”

Cold panic flooded through Loki. He turned and ran to the guest room. Aisha was playing a game on her laptop.

“Come with me.” Becoming visible, he grabbed Aisha by the arm. She barely had time to make her laptop disappear as he pulled her out the door.

He led through a maze of corridors, to a remote part of the palace, and through a small door in a corner.

They stumbled down a flight of steps into a basement room. It smelled musty and was crammed with knickknacks. The only light came from the doorway.

In the semi-darkness, Loki banged his leg against a wooden chest.

Aisha wrenched herself from Loki’s grip and stepped away from him.

Loki made himself take deep breaths. “I’m king. They wouldn’t dare -”

“You’re not king,” Aisha interjected.

Loki stared at her.

In barely a whisper, she said, “Odin’s here, Loki. He’s out there right now.”

Surely he had misheard. “No. I got rid of him.”

Aisha backed up against a pile of broken weapons. There was guilt written all over her face.

Horror settled over Loki. “What did you do?”

Not meeting his eyes, Aisha began to explain.

She had met with Odin and the guard ahead of time, on the night of the feast. They had been prepared.

Odin had cast a spell on himself to counter Loki’s spell. He had then immediately returned to Asgard.

While Odin recovered from the spell, Aisha had met up with him, day after day, and helped him persuade people that there was an imposter.

She had used the guards to spy on Loki. Their changing shifts gave them ideal times to pass messages. He hadn’t deceived as many people as he’d thought he had.  

And Heimdall, of course, had known everything.

Why hadn’t he noticed any of this?

Suddenly it all made sense.

Aisha had always seemed honest – bluntly honest. Which had given him the impression that she never lied. She had put ideas into his head, and he had stupidly listened to them.

She had persuaded him to keep himself occupied with meetings and luxuries. Encouraged all his ludicrous pursuits. And with his false sense of security, he had missed what was happening right under his nose.

And to make sure he didn’t ever see her mask slip, she’d avoided him.

All that time, Aisha had kept her dislike bottled up inside her. The day before, when she had completed her plan, she’d dropped her charade and let her fury loose.

It’s too late for me to change anything, Aisha had said.

He had assumed she meant she couldn’t stop him. Now he realised she meant she had already set her plan in motion.

“Why?” he asked quietly.

Aisha remained silent.

“What did you really tell that guard?” Loki said.

“The truth,” she answered.

Loki sighed. “Too bad you couldn’t save him.”

“He let you kill him, so you wouldn’t be suspicious.” Aisha was gripping the weapons behind her in support.

Loki hated being beaten by everyone. “So that guard was a coward.”

“His name was Niall,” said Aisha tearfully, “and he did not deserve to die.”

Loki was embarrassed. Humiliated.

But he felt different from when he had been defeated before. Under the anger and shame was another kind of hurt he couldn’t place.

“I asked Odin to spare your life,” Aisha said.

Loki saw his entire future collapsing before him. The world had narrowed into a dark tunnel, with only one destination at the end.

“What do you want me to do?” he said. “Get back in my cage like an animal?”

Aisha looked regretful. “I wish it could be different.”

“You’ll get nothing out of this,” said Loki. “It doesn’t matter what Odin promised you. He’s never respected humans.”

“That’s not why I did it.”

“You could have faced me directly.”

“I just wanted to help you.” Aisha’s expression was all sadness.

Loki’s eyes narrowed. “Oh, you helped me,” he said coldly. “You helped me understand that I can’t trust anyone.”

Aisha lifted her head, her eyes staring at him in horror. As if her worst fear had just been realised.

There was the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Odin entered the room, healthy and in his right mind.

He and Loki gave each other a long, silent look.

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