Thor: The Dark World Fanfic #30

SPOILERS for Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: The Dark World!

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Close to dinnertime, Loki found Aisha slumped against a wall in a palace corridor, looking more miserable than he’d ever seen her.

He was jubilant. “It is final. Thor is happy living among the mortals. Asgard is mine.”

Aisha wouldn’t meet his gaze.

Loki walked into her line of vision. “I see a long reign ahead of me, Aisha.”

No response.

“And it’s all thanks to you,” he added.

Aisha immediately shoved him backward. He could feel the force of her telekinesis as well as her hands.

“Nobody wants you to be king!” Aisha yelled in his face. “I never wanted this to happen!”

Loki stared at Aisha in confusion. “I have Thor’s consent.”

“You do not,” Aisha spat. “He’ll find out. Then he’ll kill you, just like he promised.”

“Thor will never find out,” said Loki, wondering why Aisha was behaving this way.

He could see her eyes blazing behind her glasses. “You can’t pretend to be Odin for the rest of your life.”

“I will be a good king.”

“‘Preserving the peace’? ‘Giving up all selfish ambition’?” Aisha was reciting the words from Thor’s coronation. “Your mother trusted you with that power, and you blew it! I think you would make a terrible king.”

“You will not speak to me that way!”

Aisha rolled her eyes. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Loki didn’t back away. “You will learn to respect me.”

“Do you think people automatically respect anyone who sits on a throne and holds a fancy spear?” Aisha demanded.

“This is my rightful inheritance!” Loki said.

Aisha took deep breaths for a few seconds and cleared her hair from her face.

“So Thor likes being on Earth?” she asked calmly.

“He thinks he can better protect the realms that way,” said Loki.

“He was once eager to become king,” Aisha reminisced. “I wonder what Odin saw in Thor then.”

“I wondered too,” said Loki. “He was brash and arrogant.”

“It must have been shameful for you to have Thor for a brother.”

“He’s not my brother!”

“If he’s not your brother,” Aisha pointed out, “and Odin’s not your father, you don’t have a right to the Asgardian throne.”

Loki felt like reacting violently.

Aisha looked straight into his eyes. “Who are you, Loki? With your family, you’re a prince. Without your family, you’re just a Frost Giant trying to be an Asgardian.”

“I have no family,” he said through clenched teeth. “I took the throne by force, and I will the best king Asgard has ever had!”

“Last time you were king, five people betrayed you in one day and Heimdall tried to kill you!” Aisha screamed. “Give me one reason why this reign will be any better than your last one!”

It almost made Loki want to slap her. “I will not tolerate this kind of talk,” he said. “I am the King of Asgard. You, a human, should be first to kneel before me.”

Aisha looked disgusted. “I’ve never knelt before anyone in my life.”

Loki remembered a human man who had nearly been put to death for the same kind of stubbornness. “Are you my enemy, Aisha?”

“You can kill me if you want,” said Aisha. “It’s too late for me to change anything.”

Loki took a long look at the person who had done so much for him. He couldn’t reconcile what he was seeing with what he believed to be true.

“Just stay out of my way.” He began to leave.

“Will this make you happy?” Aisha asked.

Loki turned back towards her. “What do I not have?”

“You don’t have anything,” said Aisha. “You don’t have respect, you don’t have a family, and you’re living a lie.” Her face had crumpled, as if she’d used up all her energy yelling at him.

Sorrow descended on Loki like a thick blanket. “This is what I wanted,” he said, almost trying to convince himself.

Aisha stared back at him. “Is it?”

Loki straightened up. “I have achieved everything I ever dreamt of. I don’t need you to tell me what I desire. I will be a powerful king, and no one will ever get in my way.”

Aisha had a thoroughly miserable expression. “I tried to save you from this.” She ran out of the room.


Aisha ran blindly, her feet pounding the ground and her ponytail swinging wildly.

She didn’t want to think about Loki. Every look he gave her, whether happy or sad, was acid that ate into her heart.

Finally, her strength gave out. She fell to her knees, leaned against a pillar, removed her glasses and burst into tears.

She didn’t know why she was crying. Was it for herself, because she was paying for her foolish decision? Was it for Asgard, because it was under Loki’s rule?

Or was it for Loki himself, who didn’t even realise he was miserable?

Aisha cried and cried.

When she finally stopped, the shadows in the hall were deeper. She thought that somebody might spring out of the darkness and seize her.

She was afraid because of what she’d done. And she was even more afraid of what was coming.


Loki sat in Odin’s bedroom, mulling over Aisha’s strange behaviour.

She didn’t want to share his glory. She didn’t even want him to have glory. So what had her whole rescuing act been for?

Maybe she had just helped him even when there was no benefit for herself. And that would make her genuinely, unconditionally kind.

But if Aisha was even slightly opposed to him, she was dangerous.

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