Thor: The Dark World Fanfic #21

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Thor: The Dark World Fanfic #21

SPOILERS for Thor: The Dark World!

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The portal deposited Loki in a secret passageway close to the palace, where Heimdall couldn’t see him. The chill of Asgard’s air hit him in the face. 

He still wasn’t sure if he’d really meant to kill Aisha inside the portal. But she’d been one step ahead of him.

What if Aisha had left so she could inform Thor that he was alive?

After thinking for a moment, Loki realised that was foolish. The others would hate her for helping him and throw her in prison.

But that didn’t mean that Aisha wouldn’t do it.

He probably had very little time. Turning himself invisible, Loki walked back to the palace.


When Thor, Jane and Aisha entered Jane’s apartment, Darcy immediately jumped up to greet them. Jane!”

Jane smiled. “Hey.”

You can’t just leave like that, the whole world is going crazy!” Darcy seemed frazzled. “All the stuff we saw is spreading.”

Thor hung up his hammer on the rack near the door.

Aisha found it disorienting to be back on Earth, among computers and electric lights. She realised that her clothes were covered with dust. She removed her shoes and shook pebbles out of them.

Selvig was sitting a table drinking something from a mug. There was also a young man Aisha didn’t recognise.

Did you go to a party?” Darcy asked Jane.

Instead of answering, Jane smiled at Selvig. “Erik?”

“Jane, how wonderful!” Selvig came out from behind the table. Aisha saw that he was only wearing underwear on his bottom half and averted her eyes.

Selvig hugged Jane. “You’ve been to Asgard.”

“Where are your pants?” Jane asked.

Neither Selvig nor Darcy answered.

“Oh, uh ...” the young man stammered. “He, uh ... he says it helps him think.” He had a British accent.

Aisha rolled her eyes.

Okay.” Jane took on a businesslike air. “Well, I’m gonna need everything you got on this. All the work you’ve been doing on gravimetric anomalies, everything.”

Selvig nodded. “Okay.”

First Aisha had been surrounded by Asgardians who were tougher than her. Now she was surrounded by humans who were smarter than her. She pouted.

Are you well, Erik?” Thor asked Selvig.

Selvig chuckled. Then his expression became nervous. “Your brother is not coming, is he?”

Thor’s face turned grim. “Loki is dead.”

“Oh, thank God,” said Selvig.

Aisha wanted to slap him. Thor looked at Selvig weirdly.

“I ... I’m so sorry,” said Selvig.

Thank you,” said Thor. The two men shared a hug.

Selvig let go of Thor and looked at Aisha. “And you are …?”

Finally. “Aisha Balducci.”

“She helped us in Asgard,” Thor explained.

Selvig opened his mouth to speak, but Aisha looked over his shoulder at the young man. “What’s your name?”

The man twiddled his fingers. “Um, Ian Boothby.”

Darcy and Selvig stared at Ian for a second.

Selvig cleared his throat. “I’m Erik Selvig. This is Darcy Lewis.”

“Ian’s my intern,” said Darcy.

There was an awkward pause.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” Without waiting for directions, Aisha walked off and found the bathroom. She made some clean clothes appear and changed.

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