Thor: The Dark World Fanfic #20

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Thor: The Dark World Fanfic #20

SPOILERS for Thor: The Dark World!

Here is my continuation of my fanfic The Darker Door. I had to take a hiatus because I had questions that were only answered in Thor: Ragnarok.

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Aisha’s stomach ached with guilt as the portal closed. Abandoning Loki was as good as betrayal.

But she was certain he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her. This was her only choice.

She opened another portal and stumbled back into the dark, windy realm of Svartalfheim.

The dull, hilly landscape seemed to reflect her mood. Aisha transformed and started to fly, remembering to make some coins appear in her hand. She could still feel traces of magic in the air.

Aisha arrived at the cave. “I found my coins,” she told Thor and Jane with fake cheerfulness.

Neither of them was listening. Jane was holding a mobile phone, and a man’s voice was coming out of it.

Aisha wanted to tell Thor and Jane everything. But she somehow felt that if she told the truth, she would only feel worse.

“Is this a bad time?” said the man on the phone. “Do you want me to try later?”

“No, no, no, no!” Jane told him. “Please, whatever you do, do not hang up the phone.” She looked around the cave. Thor stood idly to the side.

Her ability to make a phone call from here was probably a result of the worlds coming together.  Aisha pocketed her coins.

“Okay then.” The man sounded confused. “I was just wondering if you want to try again? Uh ... maybe dinner next time.”

Dinner? With him?

“Uh ... yeah, yeah, yeah. Um ... just stay on the phone, okay?” Jane walked deeper into the cave.

“Yeah, I will.”

Jane looked at the ground. “Oh, my God.”

In the dim light, Aisha could see an aluminium can and a bundle of keys lying there. Jane picked up the keys.

“Am I interrupting something?” the man said.

“No, no, no, nothing at all.” Jane beckoned to Thor. “Come on.” They kept walking, and Aisha followed.

“I’m losing you there, are you in a tunnel?” said the man.

“Where are we going?” asked Thor.

“Hello?” the man’s voice became faint.

Aisha stepped on something lumpy. She looked down and saw that the cave floor was now covered with old shoes.

“Why are there so many shoes in here?” said Thor.

Suddenly, they were no longer in a cave. They were outside an abandoned building that was almost certainly on Earth. A red car was parked there. Strangely, all its windows had been smashed.

Jane unlocked the car with the keys.

Aisha took a while to regain her senses.“We’re not stealing someone’s car, are we?”

“This is my friend’s car.” Jane got into the driver’s seat. Thor climbed in beside her, while Aisha got in the back.

“So who’s Richard?” Thor asked as Jane fiddled with the ignition. Richard must’ve been the man on the phone.

“Really?” said Jane. The car engine grumbled, and they drove out onto the road.

Aisha stared out the window. The sky was covered with grey clouds, and people were walking around in thick coats and woolly hats.

“We’re in London,” said Jane. “I couldn’t find a portal in America, so I came here.”

“You’re hardworking,” Aisha noted.

A traffic light turned red, and Jane brought the car to a gentle halt.

“I almost gave up,” Jane admitted. “I thought that maybe ... our worlds were meant to be separate. That they were separate for a reason.”

Thor looked at her sadly.

“The Bifrost Bridge exists for a reason, too,” Aisha said.

“We don’t know what kind of things our relationship could cause.”

“Don’t be silly,” said Aisha. “My best friend and her boyfriend are from different universes and nothing bad has happened to them.”

Jane glanced over her shoulder, looking surprised.

“How long have they known each other?” said Thor.

“Four years.”

“That’s incredible,” Jane commented.

The light turned green, and Jane drove the car around a corner.

“My friends and I have been researching the Convergence,” said Jane. “We may be able to use our research to stop Malekith.”

“We must,” said Thor in a bitter tone.

Aisha remembered they were still shaken by Loki’s apparent death. Her stomach twisted. “We will.”

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