The Darker Door: A Recap

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The Darker Door: A Recap

SPOILERS for Thor: The Dark World!

I’ve been writing a Thor: The Dark World fanfic, titled The Darker Door. The writing stalled for a while because I had questions which were only answered in Thor: Ragnarok, but I have resumed writing it now.

You can read the previous 19 installments here. Start from the post titled ‘Thor: The Dark World Fanfic: Asgard’. The post ‘Thor: The Dark World Fanfiction’ is actually installment #9.


The story so far

Aisha is a human from our universe who learned how to “world-travel” into fictional universes. During her travels, she became part fairy and gained magical powers.

Aisha magically opens a portal to another universe, but instead of going straight through it, she jumps out halfway through. She ends up in a random universe: Thor: The Dark World. Aisha discovers that Asgard is under attack from Dark Elves. She valiantly helps fight them, but the Dark Elves’ leader, Malekith, and a monster kill a woman. Aisha finds out that the woman was Thor’s mother. She died protecting Thor’s human girlfriend, Jane, who accidentally absorbed a substance called the Aether. Malekith plans to use the Aether to destroy all nine worlds in the universe. Aisha watches the movie Thor on her laptop and finds out Loki’s backstory. That night, she dreams about a horribly scarred man begging for mercy.

The next day, Thor’s father, Odin, refuses to let anyone in or out of Asgard. Thor enlists Loki to help him find a secret way out. Aisha persuades him to let her come along. Thor, Loki, Jane, and Aisha escape through a secret passageway that goes to Svartalfheim, the realm of the Dark Elves. On the way there, Aisha shows some pity for what Loki has been through, but he waves her concern away.

They allow Malekith to extract the Aether from Jane. Thor attempts to destroy the Aether, but he fails, and Malekith absorbs it. The Dark Elves and the monster attack them. Aisha and Loki bring down the Elves, and then Loki sneaks up behind the monster and stabs it with a sword. Just before it dies, however, the monster impales Loki on the same sword. Thor, Jane and Aisha tearfully watch Loki die.

Aisha senses invisible magic moving in the air. Without Thor or Jane seeing, she goes back to Loki’s body and realises that his magic is leaving him. She combines his magic with her own and manages to jolt some life back into him. She brings him to another universe, New Magic (made up by me), which contains a school for fairies, and lets the school nurse treat him.

During his recovery, Loki questions Aisha on why she helped him. Aisha insists that she’s just being kind, but Loki isn’t sure whether to believe her. They talk a little about Loki’s past, and his worldview, but end up disagreeing. Aisha secretly tells the fairy school’s principal the truth about Loki. She wants to help Loki but isn’t sure if she can. Loki asks the principal whether Aisha has an ulterior motive, but she evades the question.

At last, Loki is healed. Aisha opens a portal to Asgard, and Loki goes through it. But when he turns around, he realises that Aisha hasn’t entered the portal with him.


Installment #20 will be up soon!

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