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More Lesser-Known Fairytales

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More Lesser-Known Fairytales

The Fish and the Ring

When a baron discovers that his son is fated to marry a lowly peasant girl, he does all he can to make sure it never happens. But the girl manages to evade his murderous schemes …


How the Hermit Helped Win the King’s Daughter

The king proclaims that anyone who can build a ship that can float on both land and sea will marry his daughter. Three brothers attempt the task, but only one succeeds.


The Wild Swans

Eleven princes are turned into swans by an evil queen, and their sister is chased out of the palace. The princess must undergo a torturous and dangerous task in order to free her brothers …


The Goose Girl

A princess is betrothed to a foreign prince. But on the journey to the other kingdom, her chambermaid takes her place and forces the princess to become a goose girl.


The Buried Moon

The moon comes to earth to see the creatures that wander about when the moon is not shining. But when she becomes trapped there, evil starts happening again …

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