Match the Movie

Let’s play a game! I’ll describe a few scenarios of my first encounters with various movies, and you have to guess which scenario applies to which movie. I'll put the answers in the comments so you won't see them by accident. 


1) My father tried to get me interested in this movie, but I declined. When I watched it properly afterward, though, I loved it, and it had a big influence on me.


2) I was playing a game with some friends and they put on this movie as “background music”. Naturally, they got distracted by the movie and the game was forgotten.


3) I had wanted to see this movie for a long time, so when it was playing during my family reunion, I’m sorry to say I ignored my relatives and just watched the movie.


4) I went to see this movie with my classmates without having any idea what it was. I found it entertaining even though I couldn’t really understand what was happening.


5) I saw the trailer for this movie in a movie theater but didn’t register the title, and found it creepy. I later watched the movie and liked it, but it was a while before I made the connection between the movie and my memory of the trailer. 


6) My family went to this movie together, but none of us had done any prior research, so we didn’t actually know what we were going to watch. 


7) When my parents bought this movie for me, I thought it sounded boring. After I saw it, though, I became 100% crazy about it.



a) The Lord of the Rings

b) Jumanji

c) The Avengers

d) Atlantis: The Lost Empire

e) The Great Wall

f) Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

g) Thor: The Dark World

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