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Funny Things to Do in School

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Funny Things to Do in School

I received this long ago in a chain email.


Walk into class with handcuffs and say, “Sorry for being late, I just broke out of prison.”

ŸCall everyone Bob.

ŸName your pen “Mr. Pen” and talk to him often. Cry and go mad if Mr. Pen commits suicide (falls off the table). Have a funeral for Mr. Pen.

ŸRaise your hand and ask if you can be excused to skip class.

ŸWalk into class and look around confused. Ask where you are, then say, “Oh, this is school? I thought this was McDonald’s.”

ŸLook at the person next to you for a while, say, “You’re one of them!” and then run out the classroom.

ŸBring handcuffs into class and wear a plastic fake police badge. Tell your teacher that he/she is under arrest.

ŸRaise your hand and introduce everyone to your imaginary friend Bob. Then loudly whisper to Bob saying that you hate this class.

ŸSmack gum loudly. When told to throw it out, take out the gum, hold it on your finger, insist you don’t have any gum and put it back in your mouth.

ŸStand up and introduce yourself at the beginning of class (even though everyone knows you). Inform everyone that you have had ‘the problem’ for three years now. Then act confused and ask if the class is Alcoholics Anonymous.

ŸShove your heaviest book off your desk repeatedly. Glare at someone else every time the teacher looks.

ŸRandomly laugh hysterically or cry out that everyone is against you.

ŸTell your teacher there is a disturbance in the Force.

ŸMake a cone shape out of paper and glue red tissue paper to the top. Scribble red and orange all over it. Wear it on your head and tell everyone that you’re a volcano.

ŸTell your teacher you don’t need to do your homework because you’re skipping school tomorrow because you’re going to be sick.

ŸStand in front of the class, pretend you are a flight attendant and review the emergency procedures and exits.

ŸTell your teacher to get ready to evacuate the school, because you are about to pull a fire alarm.

ŸPretend to slap a fly and then go, “Mmmm, snack time.”

ŸWhenever the answer is false in a true-false test, stand up, grab your hair with both hands, scream, “LIES, ALL LIES!” and then sit acting like nothing happened.

ŸPass around a petition against petitions.

ŸHum ‘If You’re Happy’ loudly and then start to cry.

ŸRepeatedly get up and run a lap around the room, then sit down and act as if nothing had happened.

ŸIf someone speaks over the intercom, curl up under your desk and say, “It’s the voices again.”

ŸLead your class in a sing-a-long, for example, “We don’t need no education.”

ŸPut a sign on your desk that says, “Out of my mind, be back soon”. Then go to sleep. If your teacher wakes you up scream, “CAN’T YOU READ THE SIGN?” and then go back to sleep.

ŸHave fights with yourself out loud over which one of your personalities is better. Cry and say, “I love you both, why can’t we all just get along?” and if you are really insane have your personalities hug and make up.

ŸPluck out someone’s hair and yell, “DNA!!!”

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