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A Few Fun Writing Prompts

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A Few Fun Writing Prompts

Every piece of food you eat makes you smarter.


Toilet decorating has become all the rage. Everybody is trying to make their toilets as artsy and extravagant as possible. The main character of your story is trying to make toilet paper that keeps up with the market’s demands.


A strange substance has leeched into the earth beneath a farm, having strange effects on all the plants and the people who eat those plants. What does it do?


You have a book made of water and a pen made of fire.


Three strange women check into a five-star hotel. One of them speaks only in songs, one of them goes everywhere on roller skates, and another eats nothing but bread.


A family of con artists goes on a road trip in a camper van.


Every day, you wake up with a list of three goals to achieve. If you don’t achieve one, it’ll be carried onto the next day. No one knows for sure what happens if you die with your goals unfinished.

One day, you die suddenly with 20 unfinished goals. What happens?


Whenever people see a rainbow, they can wish for a new piece of clothing. Needless to say, clothes stores are rare. But then along comes somebody who can’t see rainbows …


There is a legend of a highway that is impossible to find, but once found, impossible to leave. It is said that those who go down that road will encounter things no human has ever seen before …

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