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55-Word Stories

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55-Word Stories

Night of the Masks

On the Night of the Masks, all is hidden. You are in a world of strangers, where anything can be revealed.

Perhaps someone will come to you. Perhaps they will whisper a message that you must guard with your life.

Then you must run, also wearing a mask, on a quest no one can comprehend.


Finders Weepers

He saw it gleaming on the road, luminous blue beads, arranged in the shape of a flower.

His wallet was stolen. No customers came to his store. The toilet wouldn’t flush. He got a paper cut. He nearly fell into a manhole.

Then the flower slipped from his fingers, and fell into the murky sewers.


Sole Survivor

After days of waiting, a single sled is seen in the distance. It bumps across the snow, weather-worn and broken.

When it stops in the centre of town, they discover that its supplies are gone. On it lies the driver, unconscious and eaten with frostbite.

A single husky pulls the sled, in a bloodstained harness.


The Princess in the Tower

“Fair maiden, I have come to rescue you!” the prince called up.

“From what?” the princess shouted from the window.

“From the fire-breathing dragon, my lady!”

“He’s my friend!”

“And the tall tower!”

“That’s my observatory!”

“And your life of loneliness!”

“I am not lonely! I have my books!”

So the prince rode away, disheartened.

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