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Places I'd Rather Be

By ContributorJune 30, 2009
Sure, summer might be dull, but there's a million places Sparkler Layysz would rather be than back at school. Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors Now that school's finally out, there's a new problem: boredom. It seems almost impossible to remember how much we hated school, and how much... More  →

What You Should Have Done on the Last Day of School

By ContributorJune 23, 2009
Yesterday, we heard from a Sparkler who had an epic last day of school. But what about everyone else? Well, if you missed your chance to enjoy your last day, Sparkler Sappranoconda has some ideas for next year... —SparkNotes Editors We've all been there: You... More  →

School's Out For the Summer!

By ContributorJune 22, 2009
Sparkler Iamem19 diaries her last day of high school in this post. How did your last day compare?  —SparkNotes Editors The last day of school is complete chaos, agreed? Whether it consists of trashing the school or doing a senior prank, the out-of-controlness of the last... More  →

Say It In Swahili

By Matt_HunzikerJune 19, 2009

When you first registered for high school classes, your language options probably went a bit like, “Well, you could take Spanish, or French, or German or… did we already mention Spanish?”

What can you do if you’re a language buff who’s not

... More  →

Graduation Crackdown: Don't Blow Kisses!

By Katie_RolnickJune 19, 2009
OK, seriously, what the bleep is going on with school administrators?! First a hugging ban, then a prom-related suspension, and now withholding someone's diploma because he blew a kiss?!? This is starting to freak us out. A senior at Bonny Eagle High... More  →

What Did You Learn This Year?

By Chris_DikenJune 16, 2009
Hey, did you know that Napoleon had hemorrhoids? Neither did we, until three days ago. A friend passed on this rich bit of trivia, saying it was one of the only things she remembered from four years of high school history classes. When it comes to... More  →

Summer Break...Canceled?!?

By Matt_HunzikerJune 16, 2009

Here at Sparklife we don’t often twist your arm about following politics (especially during summer break), but when those politics involve the continued existence of summer vacation itself we suggest that it’s worth a look.

Recently, politicians from President Barack Obama to

... More  →